24 November - 21 December 2019

4-week Mushroom Cultivation Apprentice program

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Meet Your Teachers

Oliver Merivee


For Oliver Fungi Academy is truly a labor of love. His professional background is in marketing, but has been a self-taught grower of mushrooms for the past 7 years around the world, from his home in Estonia to Australia, Guatemala, and the States. His interest in mushrooms began, like many young cultivators, with psilocybin mushrooms. Since then, his passion has expanded to include all kind of fungi and has developed into a full-blown mycophile.

Jasper Degenaars


After leaving his corporate sales job over 4 years ago Jasper decided to travel the world in search for his true passions. While traveling through South-East Asia and Australia he found his passions in cooking and serving medicinal foods to others. He loves integrating all kinds of fungi and other micro-organisms in his cooking.  As a self-taught ethnomycologist and all-round FUNgal fact powerhouse he finds joy in sharing his knowledge with others. Since settling down on the lake this nomadic mycophile has been diving deep in the world of medicinal and gourmet mushroom cultivation.

Anna Savitri Mironova


Anna is an author and facilitator of transformational retreats and journeys since 2001. A master and teacher of Qi-gong, Taichi and Reiki. She has integrated wisdom from different schools of yoga, massage, breath-work, sacred plant medicine, dance and singing into her teachings. She uses these tools as a pleasant and effective way of uplifting vibrations and reconnecting with yourself. Anna saved her life and completely healed from Asthma grace of Naturopathy cultivated in her family.

Dorothy Farrell


Dorothy is a free spirited nomad, who after years of teaching ecology, gardening, permaculture, and yoga, has settled down at the Fungi Academy. After studying ecological sciences and food systems at University, Dorothy trained at Rancho Mastatal — a permaculture education center in Costa Rica— for a year and a half. There she learned the resilience and beauty of agroforestry systems. She is the co-founder of Cacao Source, a project that reinvests in land, it’s guardians, and sharing the medicine of cacao. At the Fungi Academy, Dorothy is diving deeper into how mushrooms can be integrated to a highly productive food systems. Her favorite mushrooms are Reishi: the ancient keepers of the forest.

Secure Your Spot

Limited amount of spots available. For optimal learning experience we have limited the group size to 15 students.

To save your spot, make a deposit of $600 US and pay the remaining amount when you get here. 

Once the payment is processed you will receive further instructions about your stay and the possibility to upgrade to private accommodation. Shared dorm or camping spot is included.

Local Discount

For Central American Students
$ 1095

Early Bird

available for the first 6 sign ups only
$ 1395

Regular Admission

$ 1695

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Copyright 2019 © Fungi Academy. All rights Reserved.