FungiBus is Hitting the Road!

OCTOBER 19, 2016


(Above) Funginauts Oliver, Silvan and Alessandra taking a quick stop along the Pacific Coast Highway to check out some elephant seals.

Thanks to the funds raised through our Indiegogo campaign, a sizable anonymous donation, and synchronized Fungi Family manifestation, we have our bus! We’ve started the conversion process, transforming this beautiful secondhand bus from Oceanside, California into our mobile teaching laboratory and living space. Our lab is shaping up nicely, already stocked with incubators, a HEPA filter flow hood, microscopes, equipment for propagating liquid culture and more. The library is already abundant with interesting, informative and mind-expanding texts, and we’ve taken out many of the seats to create a cozy living space.

We are currently in San Francisco gearing up to present at the Bioneers Conference this upcoming weekend. We will begin our journey south on November 5, spending the rest of the month visiting communities and farms in Mexico before reaching Guatemala in time for Cosmic Convergence Festival this New Year’s. We will spend the rest of 2017 spreading our mycelial web around Central America, and expect to cross the Panama Canal by the end of the year.

Watch for updates from our journey on our blog!

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