Our mission is to empower as many people as possible to lead more regenerative lifestyles. We have had such success teaching practical skills of mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation at our communal space in San Marcos, we feel it is time to make our next quantum leap forward. With a bus can make a far greater impact by bringing this knowledge to many communities all around Central and South America.

We believe that a Mobile Fungi Academy bus will be incredibly beneficial in the quest shared by many “sporriors” around the world: to spread open-source mycology techniques through a decentralized social mycelial network as elegant as the one we find underground.


The bus is visiting rural indigenous communities, permaculture projects, transformational festivals, areas struck by ecological disaster and educational centers all around the Americas. We offer hands-on applied mycology workshops and visionary discussions on ethnomycology and the potential of incorporating fungi into holistic design models to better mirror natural systems. If you are interested in having a cultivation project on your land, we offer consultations and will help you set up a full-scale mushroom grow operation.

If you are interested in having the FungiBus come to your community or project, contact us at (408) 390-9735 or send us a message.


We understand that there is much wisdom to be learned from the fifth kingdom. Fungi have been healing and balancing life on earth for billions of years. Nature’s Internet, fungi produce underground communication channels that help plants and trees pass chemical knowledge throughout an ecosystem. This world wide mycelium web even enables mature trees to pass extra nutrients to other plants in need.

The fungal fruiting bodies known as mushrooms are a nutritious and sustainable food source that almost anyone can learn to cultivate. Certain species also exhibit incredible healing properties, from boosting overall immunity and mental acuity to offering potential treatments for more serious conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and more. They can heal our damaged ecosystems by breaking down dangerous environmental toxins (including PCBs and petrol products!), filter water and replenish soil nutrients.

We also advocate for the destigmatization and responsible use of entheogenic mushrooms as medicine for the mind and soul. From unity experiences at high doses to the fast-growing trend of microdosing, psychedelics are quickly gaining mainstream recognition for their consciousness-expanding abilities. Growing your own entheogenic mushrooms is the single most safe, accessible yet supremely powerful tool in understanding the self in all its forms.


Want to keep up with the adventures of the FungiBus? We will be posting regular updates about our stops on our blog.