As a volunteer, you will be in the service of keeping the Academy running smooth. The volunteer responsibilities include:

  • caring for the garden and chickens
  • helping with mushroom projects
  • cooking in the kitchen
  • cleaning and organizing
  • bringing food and supplies from the market
  • making new friends ūüôā

community member

Your responsibility is to keep the community running smoothly.

If at any point of your stay you feel like you need more time off, then you can become a Guest for a day or few.

3 vegetarian meals per day are included

You can choose to stay in the dormitory, communal sleeping area or camping area (with your own tent).

Time contribution: 5h every day 5days a week

Shared Communal costs: 40q per day*

*Shared Communal Costs¬†include accommodation, food 3 meals per day, internet, electricity, gas for cooking and everything else we share communally. Fungi Academy community is not for profit and no part of the Shared Communal Costs is going to anyone’s pocket, ever!¬†The only way we can sustainably be open for you to live here is if we all share the communal costs.

Contact us about volunteering opportunities


As a Fungi Family guest, you will have all the time you need to explore the lake, check out the various workshops or just take time for yourself. You are still expected to do your dishes and clean up after yourself, but you are free of the volunteer duty.

3 vegetarian meals per day are included

You can choose to stay in the dormitory, communal sleeping area or camping area (with your own tent).

If you are booking a room for more than 1 person, then you still only pay for the whole room. No extra room cost per person.

guest contribution: 70q per day

Private Room: 60q per day extra

Contact us about staying here as a guest


For low-income course participants, there is an option to do a partial work exchange by becoming an intern.

The internship is for you if you take part of the 6-day mushroom cultivation course and want to stay here in the Academy longer to hone your skills. There is a very limited amount of interns spots.

The 2 months stay you will volunteer 5 h per day, 5 days a week. All food and accommodation included.

The intern program has a minimum participation of 2 months. The focus of internship here is to work mainly on fungi or permaculture related projects. You also will be helping out with other volunteer duties for the community.

Internship fee: $425 or 2975Q for 2 months

Minimum Commitment: 2 Months

Contact us, if you are interested in an intern position here

6-day Mushroom Courses

Be part of this unique learning experience. Live 6 days in the Fungi Academy as a member of our family. Learn and apply the complete cycle of mushroom cultivation. From the spore to mature mushroom. Also, you will discover the various applications of fungi in permaculture.

More info about the course here

Weekly Workshops

Come to our weekly workshop. This is a great chance to take a crash course in basic mushroom growing. We have made the workshops easy and fun, at the same time giving you enough knowledge and experience to start your own mushroom cultivation journey.

More info about the workshops here

Sporrior Network

Whether you are an individual, organization or community project, we welcome you to the Sporrior Network. An international and borderless network of mycophiles and Earth protectors. If you have been physically in the academy and want to stay in touch or you are resonating with the project without ever being here. Join the human mycelial network and help the fungal knowledge to spread.

The network is growing and has many connections around the world that you can hook up with.


Our deepest gratitude to our Angels who have made this dream possible. Thank you so much, you have changed hundreds of lives by making it all possible.

Your support is much appreciated. If you resonate with our project, want to be part of this shift and are able to support, then please contact us.

What to expect when you get here?

Fungi Academy is a permaculture community that is focused on spreading the knowledge of mushroom cultivation. We live together and share all our meals.

We thrive to be “sustainably sustainable”, which means that we do all we can to reduce, recycle and reuse within the limitations of our resources. We are a 0 waste project, where no waste is leaving the property. So please be mindful of your consumption and the waste you bring up here.

We live on a beautiful hillside with amazing views of the lake and volcanoes. To get here you have to make a small hike up the hill. About 8 minutes from the last place that you can get by tuk-tuk or about 20 minutes from town center. The walk is nice, but not suitable for people with mobility issues.

If it is your first time here, please do not come looking for us after dark. Give us a call, or just stay the night in town and find us next morning.

Our community living style is rustic. We have compost toilets, solar showers, communal and private sleeping areas and a communal kitchen. There is fast Wi-Fi available, except 9am-3pm (communal work hours).

If you are looking for an all inclusive luxury resort type of place, then you will be disappointed here. But if you are into breathtaking beauty of nature, real human connections, having fun, learning and sharing your skills and love mushrooms, then this place is perfect for you. Welcome to the family Sporrior!

Getting from Airport to Fungi Academy

Closest airport is Guatemala City – GUA

If you arrive on a late flight, be prepared to take an extra day of travel time to get to us.

Take a shuttle from the airport to Antigua (Q100) and then get on the first shuttle leaving for San Marcos la Laguna or Panajachel. Collective shuttles usually leave twice daily, around 8 am and 3 pm, we recommend the morning shuttle in order to arrive in San Marcos with plenty of time before dark. Once you are in San Marcos la Laguna you can either ask the tuktuk drivers to take you to the cemetery from where there are mushroom signs leading to us. Here is a Map.

It is still an 8-minute hike up the hill. If you have a heavy bag and need some help, please call us (+502) 4811 4868 and we will send someone to get you.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information.