You would like to participate in our 6-day mushroom cultivation course  but your travel funds don’t allow? Join our Internship Program

Internship at Fungi Academy

Not available until next season (starting from December 2018)

For low-income course participants, there is an option to do a partial work exchange by doing an internship at Fungi Academy.

The internship is for you if you take part of the 6-day mushroom cultivation course and want to stay here in the Academy longer to hone your skills. There is a very limited amount of internship spots.

The intern program has a minimum participation of 4 weeks. That means you will be taking our 6-day course and after that volunteer 3 more weeks in mainly fungi or permaculture related projects. You also will be helping out with other volunteer duties for the community. In case you want to deepen your skills in mushroom cultivation you are welcome to extend your stay at the Fungi Academy by becoming a volunteer.

During your 3 weeks of volunteering you will work 5 h per day, 5 days a week. All food and accommodation included.


Interested in becoming an Intern at Fungi Academy?