Staying as a Guest

Staying as a Guest at Fungi Academy


Stay At Fungi Academy

We would love to welcome you to stay as a guest here at The Fungi Academy where you can gain insight into community living and mushroom cultivation.

Come and immerse yourself in community life. As a guest you are free to use the house and its grounds as your own. With no time commitment, work expectations, we offer you a peaceful environment, knowledge and breathtaking views. Learn how a intentional community made our of international travelers and mycophiles operates and how we incorporate mushrooms into our life.

You can join in with our community activities, spend your days meditating or sit in the grounds and get lost in a good book. It’s totally up to you. We also highly encourage you to use our extensive library with books about fungi, mushroom cultivation and permaculture. You are welcome to get an insight in a working gourmet and medicinal mushroom production and ask all the questions you want. 

During the week you will be served 2 delicious vegetarian meals per day. In addition you are free to use our communal kitchen and food to prepare a third meal if wished.

Guests who stay for minimum 1 week also receive a 50% discount to our weekly 1-day workshops.


Accommodation And Prices

You can choose to stay in a dormitory, camping area (with your own tent) or book a private room for 1 or 2 people.

Guest Contribution:

  • 100Q per day in a Dorm room*

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  • 160Q per day in a Private room*

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  • 90Q per day in your own tent*

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*The price includes breakfast and lunch (MO – FR) and access to the kitchen and food resources to provide yourself with an additional meal.


Things to bring

  • A torch for night time
  • Mosquito repellent if you’re sensitive, there are not too many around
  • ORGANIC shampoo, soap.., all our waste water goes into nature
  • Hiking shoes / boots in rainy season


Interested in staying as a guest at Fungi Academy?