Volunteer in Guatemala with Fungi Academy


Volunteers are an integral part of the Fungi Academy community. We welcome anyone and everyone looking to experience an intentional community setting utilizing the principles of permaculture to build and grow. At Fungi Academy, we always have tasks on the go in our community garden/nursery, kitchen and general maintenance and building tasks around the property. Of course, volunteers will also have the opportunity to learn more about fungi and mushroom cultivation with complementary access to our Tuesday workshop or can specialize as an Apprentice in our Lab (see Apprentice page for more details).  If you have an interest in Fungi, permaculture and community living and want to learn more about volunteering at the Academy, keep reading below and contact us by completing the Application Form below. We would love to hear from you!


Volunteers at the Fungi Academy work 5 hours each day, for 5 days of the week as per the community schedule. Typically this is Monday to Friday though days and times are subject to change during special events or courses taking place. You can expect a portion of your time to be devoted towards the basic tasks that are required to keep the community running (cooking, cleaning, etc.) and the rest of the time is focused on current projects (food forest, property building and maintenance, etc.). We do our best to match you with the tasks that reflect your interests and/or skills. In exchange, you will be provided accommodation (dorm or tent, on a first come, first served basis), 2 communal meals Monday to Friday with access to the kitchen and food on evenings and weekends, as desired, and an awesome community setting complemented by a amazing view of the Lake and surrounding volcanoes!

Our goal is to provide all volunteers with a valuable and unforgettable experience, meeting all your needs while furthering the vision of the Fungi Academy project.

If at any point during your stay you would like more time off, you are welcome to transfer to Guest status for a day or few at the Guest rate. You can also find out more information about being a Guest and other topics on our FAQ page.


We ask that volunteers stay with us for a minimum of one month at a cost of 50Q per day. This cost covers all your needs, including communal food, utilities (including electricity, clean water, and Wifi), and other supplies we share for living and working together. We are a not-for-profit community and open to sharing more about our cost structure if you have any questions.

We ask that volunteers arrive on a Sunday to allow you the time to settle and begin fresh with us on a Monday morning with our weekly Morning Circle meeting. You will also receive a welcoming community tour and orientation. 


Currently, with two productive years under our belt, we are continuing to build our community with projects including the building of a food forest, general building repair and maintenance, social media and website maintenance/updates, kitchen management and people management.

For this reason, we are especially looking for volunteers with skills in the following areas:

  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Videographing
  • Web Writing
  • Social Media (experience in Facebook and Instagram, creation of memes, posts and newsletter)
  • Permaculture/Landscaping (experience in tropical climate with strong rainy and dry seasons)
  • Project and Volunteer Management
  • Kitchen Management

Please see our FAQ page and feel free to drop us a line if you have additional questions.

Interested in Volunteering at Fungi Academy?