2019 April 22-27

Mushroom Cultivation Immersion

Punta Mona, Costa Rica

About This Event

With this intensive mushroom cultivation course we want to give you all the hands-on experience and knowledge you need to grow your own mushrooms successfully. Most importantly, we will help you understand the cultivation process, through practical examples from our own grow operation.

This unique course gives you the hands on experience to grow your own mushrooms for food and medicine and will get you started immediately. We will go deep into the jungle foraging for wild medicinal mushrooms and learn how to transform them into powerful tinctures. Experience off grid living, where the Caribbean meets thick jungle, and be part of the Punta Mona community.

Hosted by the Fungi Academy, facilitators Silvan Fey and Lala Palmieri will take you on a epic journey of diverse lectures and practical hand-on experiences.

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Great Value

Included In This Course

30 hours of exploring the fungi kingdom through lectures and hands on learning

Five nights of all inclusive accommodation at Punta Mona

Three delicious vegetarian meals per day

Cacao Celebration

Dormitory rooms or camping included (privates are available for a small extra)

Fungi Academy Handout and Certificate

Being part of the intentional Punta Mona community

About The Venue

About The Venue

Punta Mona

Costa Rica

Our mission at Punta Mona is to expose all people who come to the farm to the ideals of Permaculture, and educate about sustainability, conservation of energy and reduction of waste that permeates our everyday lives.

Our houses are built from local, fallen trees repurposed for eco-building and other construction around the property. We collect rainwater, use solar panels for electricity, have solar powered satellite internet, and composting toilettes that connect us to the cycle of life. Roaming about the farm are nearly a dozen chickens and a handful of ducks which provide eggs and comic relief.

To support our diet and local communities, we grow over 200 varieties of tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants.

Meet Your Teachers

Laura Palmieri


Laura  Palmieri is a biologist, botanist, herbalist, gardener and permaculturist, with a lifetime working with plants, Lala was raised in a greenhouse, cultivating orchids, building living walls and aquaponic systems. She lived at Punta Mona for three years as an educational facilitator and mentor to apprentices and volunteers and is currently part of the Fungi Academy.

Silvan Fey


Silvan is a graphic designer, mushroom educator and community leader.He learned professional cultivation of gourmet, medicinal and entheogenic mushrooms in the village of the famous curandera Maria Sabina in the Oaxacan mountains of Mexico. His connection to mushroom cultivation and fungiculture started in 2013 and it has been a fulfilling journey ever since. He ejected himself out of university to immerse himself more deeply into mycology, leading him to co-found Fungi Academy in 2016.

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$ 990

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$ 790

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Copyright 2018 © Fungi Academy. All rights Reserved.