2019-2020 Student Program

4-week Mushroom Cultivation apprentice program

Mushroom Cultivation Apprentice program With holistic lifestyle and daily mind-body practices

About our Teaching Training program

Hands-on Mushroom Cultivation Experience

Empower yourself to be ready to successfully start your own mushroom growing or mushroom medicine project! 

Our apprenticeship starts with our intensive 6-day mushroom cultivation course, driven by experiential learning  where you immediately put your new skills into practice. 

You have the chance to integrate what you have learned from the classes by getting some hands on practice in our on-site mushroom growing facilities. If you need assistance, pour resident instructors are available for coaching and mentoring.

Grow Mushrooms for a Variety of Uses

You will discover how to grow your own mushrooms for food, medicine, gardening and so much more. Receive the empowering support of living in a conscious permaculture community.

In this 4-week long co-living and co-learning experience, you will gain a wealth of practical inspiration and experience on all things Fungiculture. After the initial 6-Day Intensive mushroom course, you will go broader and deeper into the world of mushrooms with several lectures and workshops each week. We also explore and learn in the local Myco-climate with field trips around the stunning scenery of Lake Atitlan.

Tap Into a Global Network of Mycophiles and Change-makers

As you grow and learn, you will be tapping into the resources and support of our communal mycelial web; living, learning and playing together with amazing, aligned individuals from all over the world. 

There have been hundreds of people living in and learning at Fungi Academy. This apprentice program gives you access to our private online community of mushroom enthusiast and cultivators. We are a truly global tribe.

Mushroom growing workshop

Apprentice Curriculum

90+ hours of in class and hands-on Fungiculture training


  • Complete Mushroom Cultivation Training - Learn by Doing
  • Myco-Medicine - Growing and Using Your Own Mushroom Medicine
  • Mushroom Foraging Basics - Connect with your Environment
  • Field trip to a local Mayan Mushroom Farm


  • What is permaculture? What is Myco-permaculture?
  • Upcycling Agricultural Waste to Delicious Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Composting
  • Befriending the Fungi in your Soil
  • Companion Gardening with Symbiotic Fungi

Food & Medicine

  • Cooking with Mushrooms and other Fungi
  • Fermentation
  • Medicinal Mushroom Tincture Making
  • Fungal Medicines
  • Fermentation Field Trip

Entheogenic Mushrooms

  • Safety, Preparation and Intention Setting
  • Sacred Ceremony Design
  • Emergency Protocol - Now to Navigate a Challenging Experience
  • Holding Space - How to Be of Best Service to fellow Psychonauts
  • Integration and Self-care

This is included in your apprentice program!

  • Fungi Academy 6-day intensive course
  • All the wholesome, vegetarian food you can eat
  • Accommodation in a shared dorm or campsite (Private upgrade is available)
  • Mind-body morning practices (Yoga, Qi-gong, breath-work, meditation, etc)​
  • 4 weeks of all-inclusive accommodation in a shared dorm or campsite (Private accommodation upgrade available)
  • Full access to our comprehensive mycology library​
  • Fungi Academy Student Workbook​
  • Cacao ceremony & celebration
  • Mushroom cultivation equipment and lab access​
  • Access to the exclusive online Fungi Family community​
  • Fungi Academy Certificate of Completion​

Optional activities around us

  • Plant & Fungal Medicine Ceremonies
  • Ecstatic Dance (Many times a week, more than one location)
  • Communal Campfire Song Circles
  • Cacao Workshop (And possible tours to a local cacao farm)
  • Full Moon Gatherings
Jasper Mushroom Teacher

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