2019-2020 Student Program

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Join Our Mushroom Cultivation Training With Medicine Making, Permaculture and Ceremony

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Key Reasons to Join Fungi Academy

Complete Mushroom Cultivation Training

Master the whole process of mushroom growing. From the spore to picking your fresh mushrooms. You will learn and apply many proven indoor and outdoor techniques. Learn to grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for food, for health or for profit.

Education Vacation Destination

We are located in Guatemala at the heartland of the ancient Maya. You will learn to grow mushrooms while experiencing the indigenous culture here at Lake Atitlan. This is a uniquely inspiring learning environment.

Make Authentic Connections

Become a node in the mycelial network. Collaboration is the foundation of our learning environment. The more meaningful connections there are in a network the stronger it is. By living and learning together with everyone you weave yourself into a global web and form bonds that last.

High vibrational lifestyle

It's fun to live and learn together if we keep ourselves healthy and centered. Healthy food, yoga, qi-gong, sauna, swimming and meditation are some of the elements that help to keep our inner and outer space high vibrational.

What Our Students Say


"Great solid curriculum. Would I recommend it to someone else? Absolutely!"


"The last week has been incredible. I want to be successful and I want to look after the planet too."

Included Topics in the Curriculum

Included Topics in the Curriculum

About Fungi Academy

Fungi Academy is a mushroom training center and an educational co-living space at the vortex of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Since 2016 Hundreds of students have been living and learning in Fungi Academy.

We believe Fungi and Mushrooms play a fundamental role in healing ourselves, the global community and our planet as a whole.

That’s why we created Fungi Academy, an alliance between humans and fungi, that inspires us to live in balance with ourselves, each other, and our environment.

This just might be the most unique spot on this planet to get skilled and inspired about the power mushrooms.


3 Student Programs to Choose From

6-day intensive mushroom course

This intensive mushroom cultivation course gives you all the hands-on experience and knowledge you need to grow your own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

4-week FUNGI ACADEMY Apprenticeship

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of mushroom cultivation? The apprenticeship program will cover all aspects of this amazing symbiosis between mushroom art and science. Get the practical experience to integrate your new skills.

12-week fungiculture teacher training

Master all aspects of fungiculture from cultivation to medicinal alchemy. Become a Fungi Academy certified teacher and be ready to share your skills and the wisdom of fungi with the rest of the world.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Guatemala City (GUA) is the nearest international Airport.

You can either take a shared shuttle bus or a private shuttle to get to Panajachel (biggest town on the lake). From Panajachel you can take a Lancha (public boat) to Tzununa. In Tzununa you will easily find a TukTuk driver who will happily take you to the Fungi Academy! (Locals know it as the Ashram)

Shared Shuttle bus departure times

This service makes a stop in Antigua and then continues to Panajachel, travel time 4-4.5hrs

  • 06:00am – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel
  • 11:00am – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel
  • 02:30pm – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel

There is also a shuttle leaving once a day that goes directly to Panajachel

  • 2:30pm – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel (min 3pax)

Private shuttle

There are plenty of taxis available to take you directly to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. They cost between 120$ – 130$ and take around 3 hours. You can either arrange one yourself outside of the terminal or book one through an agency at the airport.

Please let us know if you need any help with arranging transport to the lake. We will happily secure your place in one of the shuttles!

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Yes! All our meals our vegetarian by default (We get happy eggs from our neighbors happy chickens) and our in house chef has no problems catering to your needs!

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free/Celiac
  • Allergies
  • Paleo

Please let us know your preference and we will make sure your belly and body are healthy and happy!

All course-prices include shared accommodation in one of our beautiful dormitories. Private accommodation is available for an additional fee.

Our amazing jungle property is close to the river, filled with bananas, avocados, dragon fruit, zapote and all of the following amenities.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Sauna
  • Yoga Shala
  • Warm showers
  • Laundry service
  • Hammocks
  • Library
  • Firepit
  • In-house cinema