July 26 to August 10 – 2018

Symbiosis: Weaving Beneficial Webs with Fungi, Medicinal Plants and Permaculture

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In this immersive and integrated class you will learn about earth sciences, Permaculture philosophy, and our human role in the well being of the planet from a holistic perspective.

Learn the craft, art and science of the preparation, cultivation, care, medicinal applications, energetics, formulations, the ethical consumption and collection of medicinal plants and mushrooms.

Hosted by the Fungi Academy in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, facilitators Silvan Fey, Lala Palmieri and Sarah Wu will take you on an epic journey into these vast areas of study and practice. With backgrounds in mycology, herbalism, botany, biology, Deep Ecology, and Permaculture, these three keep the space joyful, inspiring and transformationally educational.



  • 12 and a half days of full immersion, including a field trip and a hike, plus 1 and a half days off to explore the Lake and it’s wonders

  • 15 Nights ACCOMMODATION at Fungi Academy

  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day

  • Dormitory or camping included (Privates available for a small extra)

  • Information sharing classes and Hands-on Projects

  • Access to our mushroom laboratory and extensive library of books

  • Daily Yoga

  • Being part of our intentional community

  • Cacao party



Soil Science – Integrated Pest Management – Garden and Farm Designs – Urban and Suburban Permaculture – Social Permaculture – Compost Systems


Therapeutic Ecology – Medicine Making – Formulations and Plant Energetics – Basic Global Materia Medica of Plants and Fungi – Kitchen Ferments – Plant Spirit Medicine – Home, Family and Self Care


Fungi Ecology and Biology – Indoor and Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation – Working Inside a Mushroom Laboratory – Gardening with Mushrooms – Full Cycle from Spores to Harvest

 GET INVOLVED! Hands on Workshops and Field Activities:

Garden Projects

Medicine Making

Kitchen and Garden Ferments

Plant Spirit Medicine Journey

Plant Medicine Tasting

Mushroom Propagation in the Lab

Outdoor and Indoor Mushroom Cultivation

Wild Crafting in Local Forests and Fields

SYMBIOSIS: Weaving Beneficial Webs with Fungi, Medicinal Plants and Permaculture

Symbiosis between organisms are mutually beneficial relationships of interdependence. In nature, everything is in balance. All organisms have love affairs, constantly dancing to the music they create. They communicate, share nutrients, provide shelter, food, water and everything the other needs, sometimes even transforming them back into the matrix of life. Explore the interconnected relationships between plants and fungi from a holistic health perspective.

We are part of this amazing orchestra. We can tune in and remember where we came from. We can use the tools that we as amazing creators have gathered through our existence as Homo sapiens.

Come join us in this journey and disconnect to reconnect!


Sarah Wu is an herbalist for 18 years, with a focus on planetary eclectic medicine, herbal acute care, herbalism and its role in environmentalism. Living the permaculture lifestyle, off-the-grid at the Punta Mona Center for the past 9 years, she is dedicated to working with ecologically cultivated and ethically harvested medicinal plants.

Laura  Palmieri is a biologist, botanist, herbalist and permaculturist, with a lifetime working with plants, Lala was raised in a greenhouse, cultivating orchids, building living walls and aquaponic systems. She lived at Punta Mona for three years as an educational facilitator and mentor to apprentices and volunteers and is currently part of the Fungi Academy.

Silvan Fey is an artist, graphic designer, mushroom educator, community leader & Fungi Academy co-founder. He learned professional cultivation of gourmet, medicinal and entheogenic mushrooms in the village of the famous curandera Maria Sabina in the Oaxacan mountains of Mexico. His connection to mushroom cultivation and fungiculture started in 2013 and it has been a fulfilling journey ever since.


  • Tuition for the 2 week course: $1,490 
  • All included: all meals, lodging, Field Trips and daily yoga.
  • Register with a friend and save 10% each.

Inquire about local tuition for Central Americans.

Our cancellation policy is following: If canceled 30 days before the course, there’s 50% refund and no refund if you cancel less than 2 weeks before. The deposit is non-refundable



This Course is hosted by The Fungi Academy, an intentional community fueled mushroom training center. Their mission is to empower conscious leadership through sharing the wisdom of mushrooms and community building.

It is a mushroom cultivation school, a creative and educational co-living space, nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

During the time of the course, you will be welcomed to live here as a community member.

Along one of the most beautiful lakes in the world lies a little indigenous Mayan town called San Marcos la Laguna. We are a hike up the hill away from distractions, but close enough to take a trip to town anytime.

P.S. Once you have finished this course it is possible to stay and live in the Fungi Academy as an Apprentice. 



Lake Atitlán and its villages are a winning combination of scenic beauty, a relaxed atmosphere, easily accessible Mayan culture, and a good tourist infrastructure.

Today even seasoned travelers marvel at this incredible environment. Fishermen in rustic crafts ply the lake’s aquamarine surface, while indigenous women in multicolored outfits do their washing by the banks where trees burst into bloom. Fertile hills dot the landscape, and over everything loom the volcanoes, permeating the entire area with a mysterious beauty. It never looks the same twice. No wonder many outsiders have fallen in love with the place and made their homes here.



Biophiliacs need only apply. 😉

We are looking for people who want to learn about life, who are ready for an adventure that will open the doors of curiosity on how life works and how we can regenerate our surroundings with small and slow solutions.

We will stimulate your mind and your body, so get ready to hike, enjoy the sunshine as well as the rain, live in an intentional community with a strong family vibe, share pure love with yourself and the planet.

We challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

Minimum/maximum students: 10/25



Students will be housed in simple, co-ed, shared rooms: [ilightbox id=”1″][/ilightbox]

Or provided tents for the entire program at The Fungi Academy: [ilightbox id=”2″][/ilightbox]

Lodging is rustic and comfortable with rooms that lock. Beds are singles and doubles and will be first-come, first-serve in regards to who sleeps where.

Facilities are shared by the entire community at Fungi Academy with shared shower and dry-composting toilets.

We also have availability for a couple to have a private room with double bed for an extra $15 per person, per night, with our neighbours.

Nicer, private and shared rooms are also available at The Jaguar Tree, 15 min hike up the hill.



Fresh vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals are communal and prepared daily from fruits and vegetables purchased from local vendors. We are dedicated to serving meals with love that nourish you.

Eggs are served every other day for breakfast and nuts occasionally. We can accommodate various allergies and intolerances, please let us know if you have special needs.

We encourage you to bring your favorite snacks and local treats you would like to share with the group. You can also bring your favorite herbs and tea blends to share on our snack breaks.



  • The nearest airport is Guatemala City (GUA).
  • You can get to Panajachel easily by private or public shuttle. From the airport or from Antigua. Ask us if you need private shuttle service.
  • We recommend taking one extra day for travel. And stay in Panajachel, San Marcos or San Pedro or any other beautiful town around the lake.
  • The transportation to San Marcos la Laguna from Panajachel is a half hour boat ride through the lake.
  • We live a healthy 15-minute hike up the hill from the closest neighborhood, and 30 min up from the center of San Marcos. You can take a tuk tuk from the center to the cemetery and then hike up the hill. The walk is not accessible to people with mobility issues.
  • The mushroom course starts tuesday after lunch. You are invited to have lunch with us at 12:30 pm. You are welcome to arrive earlier to settle in.  We will start with an ORIENTATION AT 2:30 PM.
  • We finish Monday, August 9th with a Cacao party & graduation ceremony. After the ceremony, we will open the space for sharing music, and celebrations going on until late, so we welcome you to spend the night.