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Online Sacred Mycology Mastermind

Sacred Mycology Mastermind

Online sacred mycology mastermind is now open for new members

Do you want to safely grow edible, medicinal and sacred mushrooms? 

You can master the whole process of mushroom growing, from the spore to harvesting your own food and medicine. 

In this members-only mastermind group, you will learn and apply many proven indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques. 

A mastermind group is a circle of accountability where you achieve growth in community. You will learn, grow and share with a group of supportive peers committed to similar goals.

Learn to grow gourmet, medicinal and entheogenic mushrooms for food, healing, ceremony and business. 

You will learn step by step mushroom cultivation, in collaboration with a supportive community of like-minded mushroom lovers. Tap into a global network of Mycophiles and Change-makers.

Psilocybin Trends

The Global Mushroom industry is growing. invest into your skills for a fungal-funded future!


Now is the time to get skilled about all things mushrooms. According to Global Wellness Trend report 2018, the mushroom industry is booming. Top areas of growth include:

  • Magic mushroom retreats 
  • Mushroom microdosing
  • Mushroom infused foods and drinks
  • Foraging and cultivation training
  • Sacred mushroom therapy
  • Mushroom supplements
  • Speciality & exotic gourmet mushroom cultivation

The ancient fungal allies are emerging from underground. This year, Denver and Oakland both decriminalized city-wide sacred mushrooms, and larger changes to the legal status of sacred mushrooms are underway. Canada opened the world’s first Sacred Mushroom Dispensary.  The US alone had over 30 million psychedelic users in a 2013 study. This number has definitely grown by now.

Sacred mushrooms are primed to experience the type of growth and transformation that cannabis has enjoyed in the last few years. Be ready, and become an expert. Change is coming!


Learn mushroom cultivation, discover how to get more benefit out of your sacred mushroom experiences, and get the coaching you need for every step of the journey!

Statistics of Psilocybin Research


A solid foundation of  practical mushroom growing techniques

We have created this online mastermind group to give you the tools and knowledge to safely grow many kinds of mushrooms. Classes and group coaching sessions will be held online. You can follow weekly mushroom classes in live video or replay the recordings. In the initial 2-month core training you will learn:

  • Complete mushroom cultivation 
  • Sourcing spores or cultures
  • What equipment you need and where to find it
  • Making your own mushroom medicine
  • Sacred mushroom wild foraging basics
  • Psychedelic journey preparation: Safety and Intention Setting

You can customize your learning experience by starting this training with a mushroom strain of your choice. 

The minimum commitment for this Sacred Mycology Mastermind is 2 months. After that, you will have the option to remain part of the mastermind for additional weekly mushroom classes and exclusive content. 

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To ensure that you are serious about joining this mastermind, each applicant must pay a 5 USD application fee.


We do not endorse nor condone the use of sacred mushrooms; in many places, it is still illegal. We recognize there is a changing tide in acceptance of sacred mushrooms. More people are seeking out psychedelic mushroom experience in hopes to heal themselves, boost their creativity or just to have fun. This mastermind is intended to educate responsible adults about mushroom cultivation and psychedelic harm reduction.

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Sacred Mycology Mastermind

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