Fungi Cultivation Q&A

June 8th

4-5:30pm MT

Mushroom Cultivation Q&A

You running into Mushroom Cultivation issues and can’t find an answer anywhere?

Do you want to connect with fellow mycophiles across the globe?

Join us every second Tuesday of the month for a fun(gal) chat where we explore the possibilities of home-style mushroom cultivation, getting rid of contamination, improving your technique and anything mushroom related.

No question is to weird or to extreme for us!

We will meet Tuesday, June 8th at 4PM (16:00) Mountain Time (MT), for 90 minutes on Zoom. 

The link is provided upon registration!

Attendee Limit: 40

Donation $5-20
(Free.99 for Mastermind Students)

Meet your Facilitators.

Sam the Mushroom Man

Sam is a writer, award-winning journalist, and mycophile from the United States who arrived at the Fungi Academy one midsummer’s day in 2019 and left six weeks later with lifelong friends and a passion for mushroom cultivation.

In the past two years, he’s built a laboratory and fruiting room in his home, cultivated and foraged over 20 species of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, started a medicinal mushroom tincture business, and returned to the Fungi Academy to teach his techniques to students


Meet your Facilitators.

Jasper Degenaars

Jasper is the CEO of Fungi Academy and the co-founder of the Sacred Mycology Online School. The first fungi-focused online school that teaches individuals how to grow, and work with Psilocybe Cubensis anywhere in the world.
He has taught over 1000 people how to successfully grow all kinds of mushrooms. 
He believes that Sacred Mushrooms have the potential to deepen our connection with nature, ourselves, and our communities.