October 20-27, 2024

Mushroom Cultivation course

Meet Your Facilitators


jasper degenaars

The Netherlands

Fungal Facilitator

Jasper is a first-grade mycophile. His love for mushroom cultivation started in the Netherlands after growing his first mushrooms from ‘Sacred Mushroom Grow kits.’ Baffled by the mystery of the process, he set out on a journey to learn more!

With 10+ years of mushroom growing experience and more than 2,000 students taught since 2019, Jasper has set out on a mission to make learning mushroom cultivation Easy, Fun, and Exciting!

This Myconaut did not fit in the traditional academic system, AT ALL. Yet, his thirst for knowledge carried him on a path of life-long learning. With the skillset of a self-taught teacher, he aims to make the art and science of mushroom cultivation accessible to everyone aspiring to be a citizen mycologist.

Copy of Smiling People_With Mushrooms 8_Richard

Richard olson


CoFungal Facilitator

Richard is a self taught mushroom farmer who started learning about the craft of cultivation in late 2018. Utilizing YouTube university and the websites Shroomery and Mycotopia he was able to learn the ins and outs of growing medicinal, edible, and sacred mushrooms. 

Coming Lake Atitlan Guatemala in 2021 he meet many other mycophiles. It was then he realized his passion for teaching about mushroom cultivation and decided to join the Fungi Academy team. He now works as a teacher and community manager. He also offers personal consultations to support people with their mushroom cultivation endeavors.


Karena Beana


Cosmic Community Operator

Meet Karena, a multifaceted mushroom mama with a passion for wellness, movement, and community living in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. With almost a decade of yoga teaching and fitness training, she blends her past life as a wellness blogger and influencer into her current endeavors.

Operating Fungi Academy is her labor of love, she cultivates spaces for growth, connection, and transformation. While skilled in event organizing, social media marketing, and project management, her true passion lies in curating sacred journey spaces.

Recently trained as a birth doula, she extends her support into the realm of birth work and prenatal yoga, further expanding her capacity to support and empower others on their most sacred medicine journey, motherhood.

Limited spots Available!

For an optimal learning experience we have limited the group size to 16 students. To assure our limited spots are available to a diverse range of people, we have decided to work with an
application form.

After your application has been accepted by the Fungi Academy Family you are able to secure your spot by paying a $500, non-refundable deposit.

The deposit needs to be paid within 7 days of your acceptance before your spot will be given to the person next in line.

Mushroom Cultivation Course

October 20-27, 2024
$ 1877 Early Bird
  • Complete Cultivation Course
  • Fungal Field Trips
  • 150+ Page Workbook
  • Food & Accommodation Included
  • Fungi Academy Fungiculture Design Certificate
4 Early Bird

*The early bird spots will be given to the first 4 participants that have paid their deposit.
**This price includes shared accommodation. Limited private accommodation is available for an extra fee.
*** Scholarship opportunities are available.

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