Mushroom Cultivation Workshops

Every Wednesday at 11 AM

The aim of the mushroom workshop is to give you an inspiring introduction into the Kingdom of Fungi and a general understanding of their various potential from food to medicine, from permaculture to mycomaterials.

After the workshop you will understand the needs and behavior of our fungal friends. Then you will learn how to replicate these needs so you can grow them yourself!

You will learn

10 Superpowers of Mushrooms
Life cycle and Anatomy of Mushrooms
Techniques of Indoor & Outdoor Cultivation
Using recycled materials to grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms

Hands on learning experience!

You will get a hands on learning experience in our laboratory and outdoor grow garden. This means you will see how you can use mushrooms as companions for your garden, in water filtration systems and to use recycled materials to cultivate edible and medicinal mushrooms.

Sliding contribution for our workshops is between 200-400 Q per person.

For more information

We are located in Tzununa. Here is a Map to Fungi Academy.

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