MushWomb: Rejuvenation Retreat

A space for the feminine to Reclaim, Re-wild, & Remember

Do you feel like it’s time for some deeply nourishing self-care?

The MushWomb Retreat is an opportunity to reclaim your wild feminine through five days of self-care for cycles, plant & fungal education, and ceremony in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala. 

We are creating a safe container for womb-carriers to gather together in sacred space to remember and connect deeper to our bodies while honoring and learning from our plant & fungal allies. This is an opportunity to shed old skin and re-emerge refreshed and ready to offer your gifts to the world. 

Sometimes rebelling comes through the sacred pause. The MushWomb Rejuvenation  Retreat is curated for you to take that pause and allow the natural re-calibration that comes as a result.

Come together in sisterhood to heal and transform💕



Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Not a Course,
a Retreat

This is the moment to soften into your authentic self. Tap into your embodiment and emerge anew, ready to share your empowered wisdom with the world.

Make Authentic Connections

Deepen your relationship to sisterhood to heal and transform the sister wound.

Healing Lands

We are located in the Guatemalan Highlands, the heartland of ancient Mayan Civilization. You will re-connect to your wild-self through experiencing the magic of Lake Atitlan.

Holistic Lifestyle

Nourishing food, yoga, nature walks, sauna, breathwork, and meditation are some of the holistic lifestyle elements that help to keep our inner and outer space activated.

What You Will Receive

A heavenly pause to give back to yourself.

Rebel womb-an, are you craving
a moment out of time?

As womb-carriers especially we know how important it is to live a life in service to the whole. But there is no way we can show up fully when we are run-down, ragged, and burnt-out. 

So many of us live life in overdrive. When we are rested and nourished our nervous systems get a break and we have the energy for our full-authenticity to overflow into the world. 

In many cultures life is so fast paced that rest and relaxation are forms of protest. When we rest and nourish we reclaim our energy and power. We reclaim our birthright to pleasurable embodied experience, and stop the cycle of acting like our bodies are machines.

We have created the MushWomb Retreat for you to come and bask in the beauty of these lands, and have the space to do the essential tending of your mind, body and spirit.

What is MushWOMB Consciousness?

The mushWOMB is the point of creation (quality of consciousness) that originates within the entheogenic realms and is powered by the gifts of our womb to generate life in our world ✨

The mushWOMB consciousness expresses the lived intersection of cyclical and psychedelic ways of being.  It honors the womb as the originator of human life and recognizes the value of descending into the body and the earth for wisdom. 

Within mushWOMB education and healing, people can experience the origin of life’s most profound questions and find liberation for every generation before and the ones to come. Asé.

To learn more within mushWOMB consciousness check out Mama de la Myco’s work 👈

Limited Spots Available!

To ensure our container is as nourishing as possible, we have limited the group size to 10 participants. 

We want our limited spots to be shared among a diverse range of people, so we have decided to work with an application form. 

After your application has been accepted by the Fungi Academy Family you are able to secure your spot by paying a $500, non-refundable deposit.

MushWomb: Rejuvenation Retreat

February 20-24th 2023
$ 1,497
  • 5 Days of Rejuvenation & Self Care
  • Deep Dive into Self Healing with plant and fungal allies
  • Three Gourmet Vegetarian Meals per Day
  • Accommodation in a teepee or private Included
  • MushWomb Self Healing Gift Bag to take home
10 Spots left

*The early bird spots $100 off will be given to the first 2 participants that have paid their deposit. Scholarship opportunities available contact: to apply. 

*All Payments are non-refundable.

Meet Your Facilitators

Karena Beana


Karena has been a health blogger and influencer since she was 16. Her passion for wellness started at a young age when her parents grew ill due to poor lifestyle choices. When Instragram first released she jumped on board and decided to take the influencer route. She focused her time and energy into using this platform to spread positive and informative health and wellness tips that she learned through helping heal her parents from chronic diseases and illnesses.

She turned this passion into a career becoming 200hr+ Yoga Teacher, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in 2016. As medicinal mushrooms became more popular online, she began to incorporate fungi into her practices and teachings, helping demystify and spread the magic of mushrooms

Maz Alice


Enthralled by intelligence of plants, planets, stars, and mushrooms, Maz is dedicated to weaving deeper relationships between humans, their souls, the earth, and the cosmos. She is the co-founder of House of Origins Apothecary, a herbal medicine apothecary, clinic, and mystical lifestyle transformation school. Maz is passionate about the liberation of the human spirit and fostering the remembrance that we too are beings of nature and the wild.

She holds a BA in environmental studies and anthropology, has completed the Alchemical Herbalist program with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, her 200+ yoga teacher training, and 2 (official) years of Oracle Arts Apprenticeship with the Academy of Oracle Arts.  She loves dancing, was a performing artist for several years, and sees embodiment as a doorway to freedom.

Maz is a multidisciplinary practitioner who uses divination, ritual, herbalism, and astrology with her 1:1 clients. She also leads group programs that weave together magic, science and microdosing.

In Collaboration with...

Fungi Academy

House of Orgins Apothecary has it’s roots in British Columbia, Canada. Their workings are inspired by the intelligence of the earth. In addition to handcrafted tinctures, their current focus is guiding people in their journey of internal alchemy through the weaving of herbalism, sacred mushrooms, and spirit-science.


Frequently asked questions

Guatemala City (GUA) is the nearest international airport.

You can either take a shared shuttle bus or a private shuttle to get to Panajachel (biggest town on the lake). From Panajachel you can take a Lancha (public boat) to Tzununa. In Tzununa you will easily find a TukTuk driver who will happily take you to the Fungi Academy! (Locals know it as the Ashram)

Shared Shuttle bus departure times

This service makes a stop in Antigua and then continues to Panajachel, travel time 4-4.5hrs

  • 06:00am – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel
  • 11:00am – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel
  • 02:30pm – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel

There is also a shuttle leaving once a day that goes directly to Panajachel

  • 2:30pm – Guatemala City/Airport to Panajachel (min 3pax)


Private shuttle

There are plenty of taxis available to take you directly to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. They cost between 120$ – 130$ and take around 3 hours. You can either arrange one yourself outside of the terminal or book one through an agency at the airport.

Please let us know if you need any help with arranging transport to the lake. We will happily secure your place in one of the shuttles!

Antigua: Is a beautiful city full of art, culture, amazing food, while being surrounded by epic Volcanos, like Acatenango and Pacaya. You canhike and see lava! Maya Papaya is a beautiful  and clean hostel with private and shared rooms. If you are looking for a spa getaway, we recommend Hotel Santo Domingo. 

Here is our Restaurant list for our foodies:

  • Nana
  • Kombu Ramen 
  • Toku Baru (epic Falafel) 
  • Once Once (vegan)
  • Porqué no? 
  • Caoba Farms (Organic Farm to Table) 
  • Valhalla Macadamia Farms (Homemade Macadamia Products) 

Guatemala City: Is the location of the nearest International Airport. Hostel Villa Toscana has been recommended by our students who arrive late in the evening or want to stay close to the airport for an early flight. 

Lake Atitlan: There is plenty to do from amazing sunrise hikes up a nearby volcano, swimming or paddle-boarding out on the lake. You can even take a course in Spanish in San Pedro, yoga at the Yoga Forest, permaculture at Atitlan Organics and more! There are ecstatic dances at the Gaia Dance Temple, open mics in Granja Tzikin and all of the events you can image. You will find lots of variety in Tzununa, San Marcos or the other communities around the lake. Lush, Picnic, Maya Moon, Eagles Nest, are all beautiful spaces to stay before or after the course. 

Others work seeing: Tikal , Semuc Champey, El Paredon Beach.

There are many amazing options you can find on Airbnb and

Yes! All our meals are vegetarian by default (We get happy eggs from our neighbors happy chickens) and our in house chef has no problems catering to your needs!

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free/Celiac
  • Allergies
  • Paleo
  • Keto

Please let us know your preference and we will make sure your belly and body are healthy and happy!

Rustic private room or teepees available first come first serve. Our amazing jungle property is close to the river, filled with bananas, avocados, dragon fruit, zapote and all of the following amenities.

  • Wi-Fi (sometimes spotty)
  • Shared bathrooms and showers (Hot Water can be irregular in the jungle) 
  • Sauna
  • Yoga Shala
  • Extensive Library


We have short term residency sports available. We cannot guarantee your spot until you have arrived to the Academy and we’ve gotten to know each other!