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A three-day online educational event featuring 20+ Thought Leaders in Mycology, Psychedelics, Mushroom Cultivation, Microdosing & mush more. Teachers include Dennis McKenna, William Padilla-Brown, The Microdosing Institute, Laura Dawn, Mushroom Mike, Darren Le Baron, and many more....

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"Fungi turn systems into Ecosystems"

- Giuliana Furci

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Who is this Summit for?

Everyone interested in Mycology, Psychedelics, and Permaculture! Including Mushroom Foragers, Mushroom Cultivators, Citizen Scientists, Psychonauts and Homesteaders.


The summit's Mission:

To converge the realms of mycology, psychedelics and permaculture, fostering a platform that celebrates the sacred relationship between humans, fungi, and nature.

We aim to cultivate a transformative space to freely share knowledge, have insightful discussions, and make meaningful connections. To inspire sustainable practices, ethical stewardship of fungi, and harmonious integration of psychedelic insights into individual growth and community building. 

The Sacred Mycology Summit aspires to ignite a collective journey towards holistic well-being, ecological mindfulness, and the harmonious coexistence of all life forms on this sacred planet.

our speakers

Dennis McKenna has conducted research in ethnopharmacology for over 40 years. He is a founding board member of the Heffter Research Institute and was a key investigator on the Hoasca Project, the first biomedical investigation of ayahuasca. He was part of the original Scientific Strategy Team at Shaman Pharmaceuticals.

He is the younger brother of Terence McKenna. From 2000 to 2017, he taught courses on Ethnopharmacology and Plants in Human affairs as an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.

In 2019, in collaboration with colleagues in Canada and the US, he incorporated a new nonprofit, the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy. In collaboration with colleagues he organized two landmark conferences in 2017 and 2022, the Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs (see ESPD50 & ESPD55). He emigrated to Canada in the spring of 2019 together with his wife Sheila, and now resides in Abbotsford B.C.

Sarah Wu is a devoted educational curator, facilitator, and mentor with a passion for adult learners across diverse backgrounds. She serves as a conduit for Mother Nature’s wisdom, embodying the roles of a writer and teacher specializing in Deep Ecology, Therapeutic Ecology, and Whole Systems Design within the realms of Herbalism and Permaculture.

With an extensive 23-year journey in the study and practice of Regenerative Herbal Medicine, Sarah’s expertise is rooted in Western Wise Woman Traditions. Actively engaging in clinical herbalism in the Neo-Tropics for 15 years, she has honed her skills to offer a holistic approach to healing.

Sarah boasts an impressive portfolio of over 30 Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) exceeding 75 hours each. These courses cover a spectrum of earth sciences, regenerative strategies for human settlement design, community development, and alternative social structuring. Her teaching repertoire spans the entirety of herbal medicine, including Materia Medica, ethnobotany, medicine making, formulation, and anatomy/physiology.

Beyond academia, Sarah is a producer at heart, crafting courses, workshops, and events tailored to community, deep ecology, regenerative design, and holistic health. Renowned as the friendly Village Witch, she co-founded and produces the Envision Festival, a 10,000-person arts and culture event in Costa Rica since 2011. In this role, she curates educational offerings across six stages, totaling 300 hours.

As an international facilitator, Sarah has extended her teachings to diverse locations, including the United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Italy, Portugal, France, and Germany. Her commitment to education and regenerative practices is further exemplified by her off-the-grid lifestyle, residing half the year on a 2500 square meter homestead in the low mountains of Costa Rica and the other half in the coastal mountains of Italy, where she and her husband are developing a 1-hectare permaculture farm.

Jasper Degenaars is a Mycologist, Educator, and the Hyphae Headmaster of Fungi Academy 

With 11+ years of mushroom growing experience and more than 2,000 students taught since 2019, Jasper has set out on a mission to make learning mushroom cultivation Easy, Fun, and Exciting! With the skillset of a self-taught teacher, he aims to make the art and science of mushroom cultivation accessible to everyone aspiring to be a citizen mycologist.

He co-created the Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course, the first online course teaching mycophiles worldwide how to successfully grow all kinds of mushrooms, from Spore to Shroom. His new course, the Fungal Ecology Course, aims to tell the untold story of Fungi and their role in our home, the Earth. By sharing his passion for the Queendom, he hopes to cultivate the love he feels for the Fungi within everyone.

Ximena Zamacona is the Founder and Grower of Full Circle Mushroomsa specialty mushroom farm implementing regenerative practices in Las Cruces, NM. She believes in an integrative knowledge approach: combining traditional knowledge and the technological advancements to create something greater than the sum of its parts, to help roll back climate change. “We know that agriculture can be part of the solution or part of the problem. We choose to be part of the solution and mushrooms are our vehicle.” 

Born and raised in central Mexico, Ximena developed a genuine interest in learning and understanding nature. A chemist who also minored in agriculture and who has worked in high-tech greenhouses producing tomatoes and other vegetables, Zamacona started FCM in September 2019. Her goal is to help reduce carbon footprint while expanding and create greater capacity to produce locally grown mushrooms. 

Full Circle Mushrooms intends to be recognized as a woman-owned company. “FCM is proudly and unapologetically woman-owned and I hope to set an image and an example for future generations of girls. I know I would’ve liked to see more of someone that looks like me, that can lead and operate differently.”

Hein Pijnnaken is the co-founder of Microdosing Institute and Microdose.nl, a Transformational NLP Coach and microdosing educator & coach. While growing up in the Netherlands—one of the most psychedelic-friendly countries in the world— at the age of 17 he became familiar with psychedelics and has used them as transformative tools ever since.

Today, he has over 32 years of experience guiding psychedelic sessions and has immersed himself—both theoretically and practically —in the topic of microdosing since 2016. He strongly believes microdosing is an incredible tool for self-development, especially in combination with effective coaching.

From a very young age, Talia has felt a deep fascination with nature’s intelligence and ability to heal. Her first experience with mushrooms was a pivotal point in her own healing journey and opened her eyes to the potential that fungi have to help others. 

After growing mushrooms for the first time in her closet freshmen year of college, it seemed like all paths were taking her to the mushrooms, quite literally. She has since been working in mushroom cultivation for the past four years, having grown over 25 varieties over at Mindful Mushrooms farm. Along with mushroom cultivation Talia’s heart lies in crafting holistic medicine using ancient processes that work in concert with nature and the cosmos. She has spent the last year in devotion to creating the apothecary Lacuna Medicinals, which has been a platform for her to share medicine with a beautiful network of people. 

Talia has mostly been taught by mentors and continues her studies in mycology, alchemy, herbalism and astrology with aim to bridge science and spirit through her work. Her philosophy revolves around working in reciprocity with nature to alleviate suffering and create a more connected, loving world.

William Padilla-Brown is the Founder and CEO of MycoSymbiotics, Multidisciplinary Citizen Scientist practicing social science, mycology, phycology, molecular biology, and additive manufacturing.

William founded MycoSymbiotics in 2015, and has since developed it into the innovative practical applied biological science business it is today. William holds permaculture design certificates acquired through Susquehanna Permaculture and NGOZI, and a certificate from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in algal culturing techniques.

He has published the first English-language books on cultivating the cordyceps mushroom and regularly leads courses on their cultivation. William’s research has been sponsored by several organizations and his work has been featured in multiple publications, including Fantastic Fungi and VICE. He also founded and manages MycoFest, an annual mushroom and arts festival, now on its tenth year!

Taye Bright is a mycologist, naturalist, artist and all-around biophile passionate about fungal ecology, plant-fungal symbioses, bioremediation, ethnomycology, community science and conservation. She is especially interested in allying with fungi to encourage ecological literacy, create life-ways in alignment with bioregional intelligence and uplift cultural narratives that encourage interspecies reciprocity. 

Taye works for the Fungal Diversity Survey, the only nonprofit focused on North America’s fungal biodiversity and conservation. There, she serves as a field mycologist for the California Fungal Diversity Survey and as co-coordinator for the West Coast Rare Fungi challenge. She is a post-fire bioremediation researcher for the Fire Ecology Network in X-Site Study (FENiXS), a climate adaptation study investigating the effects of microbial and fungal inocula on community resilience and ecosystem recovery. She leads classes, courses, workshops and walks around California and beyond focusing on increasing accessibility of mycological and ecological education outside of conventional academia. Furthermore, Taye is the Education and Outreach coordinator for CoRenewal, on the Conservation and Stewardship committee for the North American Mycological Association, and sits on the board for the Sonoma County Mycological Association and Bay Area Applied Mycology.

Outside of her scientific work, you can find her in the garden talking with birds, experimenting with mushroom inks and dyes, surfing in frigid Pacific waters, reading Scandinavian mythology and writing nature-inspired poetry.

Founder and director of Tam Integration, Daniel Shankin is committed to offering radically accessible and inclusive support and education for people who are wanting to transform, heal, and grow. Tam’s integration circles and online conferences enjoy a worldwide audience and critical acclaim.

A psychedelic integration coach, Daniel serves people with emerging spiritual visions as they weave their newfound truths into their lives in a way that is sustainable, harmonious, compassionate, and wise. His methods are fiercely practical while maintaining space for mystery and magic to emerge.

Daniel also leads the year long Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Coaching Program, training emerging leaders in the facilitation of transformational engagement.

He and his wife live in a tiny town in New England where they forage for mushrooms and throw rocks into creeks with their two young boys.

David Poplin Is the founder of Humboldt Mycology, a psychedelic mushroom company based out of Humboldt County. Poplin studied biochemistry at Humboldt State University where he continued to focus on plant and fungi medicinal compounds. “As society continues to advance, it is becoming more important to understand the benefits nature has to offer. The more education the more we will strive to becoming self sustained while building our communities within.”

Laura Dawn M.Sc is a speaker, coach, retreat facilitator, and the host of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast. 

Laura Dawn holds a Master of Science specializing in creativity and change Leadership and is at the forefront of exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creative cognition. She supports visionary thought-leaders, creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are ready to birth their legacy work and contribute to a new era of human history.

Her signature facilitation program called TRANSILIENCE weaves wisdom with science to support transformational resilience and meaningful living through times of significant change.

Reginaldo Chavez is an indigenous K’iche professional birdwatcher and mushroom forager. With a deep connection to the world of fungi through his ancestral roots in Guatemala, he guides and teaches people from around the world about fungi and wildlife in the highlands of Guatemala. Reggie speaks English and three Mayan languages.

Milly is the Mushroom Mama of Fungi Academy and owner of As We Grow – an organisation that hosts mushroom cultivation and fungal education workshops for kids on the East Coast of Australia.

Always with a passion for nature Milly completed a degree in Biology and spent almost a decade travelling whilst working as a research assistant, vet nurse and volunteer for wildlife & conservation projects around the world. After joining the Fungi Academy community in Guatemala, Milly’s love of the Fungal Queendom bloomed. After many years on the road, Milly, her husband & their son have resettled in Australia to continue spreading their mycelial networks.

Julian Vayne is a British independent scholar and author with over four decades of experience within esoteric culture: from Druidry to Chaos Magic, from indigenous Shamanism through to Freemasonry and Witchcraft.

Growing up in the Britain of punk and then rave culture Julian immersed himself in the philosophy and techniques of magic. His journey into group ritual practice began within the Western Esoteric Tradition when he was 16. Since then he has worked in ceremony with practitioners from many different lands and lineages. Julian is a senior member of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros and widely recognized as one of Britain’s leading occultists.

In the 1990s Julian edited Britain’s best selling pagan newspaper Pagan Voice and in 2001 published one of the first books of the modern psychedelic renaissance, Pharmakon: Drugs and the Imagination. In addition to exploring traditional sacred medicines, Julian’s work includes the first published accounts of the entheogenic ritual use of ketamine and several novel psychedelic sacraments.

Mikaela de la Myco comes from a blended ancestry. Her ancestors come from southern italy, the caribbean and mexico and she uplifts their perspectives in the space of entheogens.

In her everyday life, Mikaela serves as a mother, an educator, a folk herbalist, a community organizer and entheogen facilitator in occupied Kumeyaay & Luiseno territory, also known as San Diego, CA.

She cares for all people with ancestral healing ways and holds special focus in serving small-businesses, cooperatives, non-monogamous people, psychedelic families, femmes and people seeking full-spectrum herbal womb care. She has collaborated as an educator and activist with hundreds of companies and organizations within the sacred earth medicine space and is well known as a maternal caretaker in the community.

Her platforms, Mama de la Myco and the mushWOMB generate educational content that weaves the tapestry of medicine woman, psychedelic mother and sacred hoe. In all her creations, Mikaela de la Myco has made the commitment to rematriate entheogens by advocating for ethics and womb to tomb psychedelic literacy.

Her most recent movement, Mothers of the Mushroom is an open source research and resources project meant to further permission the world into remembering that psychedelics are for families.

Darren is an educator, researcher and event organizer based in the UK. Known around the world for his Shroomshop Master classes he is keen mushroom cultivator and teacher and has been growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for the last ten years.

Collectively his work aims to inform and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to cope with social challenges and contribute to community development as well as self-improvement in an innovative, creative, culturally-aware style

Maz holds a BA in environmental studies and anthropology, completed the Alchemical Herbalist program at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, 200hr yYTT, ,and 2 years of Oracle Arts Apprenticeship with the Academy of Oracle Arts.

Maz is a multidisciplinary practitioner using divination, ritual, herbalism, and astrology with her clients. She leads group programs that weave together magic, science and microdosing.Maz is dedicated to weaving deeper relationships between humans, their souls, the earth, and the cosmos.

Sam SMS Landing Page

Sam is a mushroom cultivator, teacher, and award-winning journalist from the United States.

Experienced in building laboratories and fruiting rooms, he has grown and foraged close to 20 species of gourmet, medicinal, and sacred mushrooms. Founder of Mindful Mycology and educator of mushroom cultivation in the U.S. and around the world.

With a passion for low tek, bare bones cultivation, Sam hopes to spread the message and provide the knowledge that anyone can cheaply and sustainably grow nutritious, therapeutic, and medicinal mushrooms in their home.

Gabe is a personal development coach & facilitator helping mission-driven humans live in alignment with their purpose.

He left his tech job to travel the world by bike, and in the process found his calling in coaching. He’s been working with the Fungi Academy leadership team since 2019.

You can learn more about Gabe’s work, his story, and connect with him at his site www.effectiveconnection.com

Natasja Pelgrom, devoted creative, and visionary, dedicates her life’s work to guiding transformative experiences. As the founder and visionary of Awaken The Medicine Within Retreats and Education, With her profound intuitive abilities, she has played integral roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies, offering training, assistance, and facilitation.

Additionally, Natasja’s expertise extends to coaching over 3000+ clients and providing advisory services, as well as curating transformational programs for health & wellness companies, as a trusted and influential figure in the psychedelic-assisted care realm. Her profound wisdom and multifaceted mentorship approach, coupled with over 20 years of serial-entrepreneurial experience, have positioned her as a trusted mentor for leaders, coaches, therapists, and healers.

Mart – the founder of Foodsporen has spent years studying and exploring the world of mushrooms and fungi, and their potential health benefits. He has researched their properties and studied their traditional uses in various cultures, and has incorporated his knowledge is his various creations at Foodsporen.

Ash Ritter is an ethnobotanist, practicing herbalist, writer and educator with over 20 years of study in clinical, traditional, academic and directly relational terrains. She is a devotee of curiosity and especially savors the study of history through the woven threads of fungi, people and plants. One-on-one longterm apprenticeships are the cornerstone of her training with a focus on druid herbalism, clinical botanical & naturopathic medicines, California-Mexican curanderismo and MacGuyver-style urban & wilderness first aid. Her college degree thesis focused on the history of plants & fungi in rights of passage and altered states as evolutionary technology.

Ash counsels and creates in her private practice, Black Sage Botanicals, to empower and engage direct relationships with & as the living world. She joyfully offers in-depth consultation services, and teaches both publicly and privately. Ash currently lives in a century-old gnome house in the Sonoran desert, and enjoys tracking deer through the spiny brush, sitting with 200-year-old cacti, and waiting for monsoon season thunderstorms as she writes her first book.

Chris is and architect and founder of Redhouse Studio. Redhouse engages in all facets of architecture; from research and innovation in low impact material technologies, to design, fabrication, and humanitarian work spanning the globe.

Redhouse is working with NASA to develop living architecture that can grow off-planet in their redplanet workshop, and with MIT to create food security and housing in Africa from waste bush in their start-up, MycoHab.

Catherine is a Venezuelan-Canadian artist and citizen scientist who explores the intersection of art, science, and ethics. Her work is deeply rooted in the natural world, and she is passionate about using art as a tool for environmental advocacy and social change.

Euale’s practice is highly exploratory and interdisciplinary, spanning biological arts, mycology, interspecies communication, bioethics, ART-ivism, and audiovisual storytelling. Her work explores the complex relationships between humans and other species, and seeks to foster a deep relationality and entwinement with more than human teachers, allies and spaces.


Melissa Warner is an advocate for innovative support for mental health and is on a mission to cultivate a holistic understanding of wellbeing. Melissa is the Secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM), a pioneering Australian research charity where she collaborates on several psychedelic research projects as a research fellow at Swinburne University. She is a co-director of the Cyberdelic Soiety and Cyberdelic Labs, an extended-reality platform where she is an experience designer for virtual meditation adventures designed to train metacognition, mindset and mindfulness.

Melissa also supports individuals as a meditation teacher at Signs of Life Psychology sharing her practice of meditation and coaching of 6+ years, and is a co-founder of The Australian Psychedelic Society, a grass-roots cultural hub. As a scientist, educator, futurist, and artist Melissa seeks to nurture the capacities of creativity, relationality and potentiality in herself and her community.

Jordan de Bellescize
Co founder of Cacao Source, he has been working in the field of Cacao and regenerative Cacao for the last 6 years. Co-created a network of more than 300 farmers all over Guatemala as well as empowering 7 women’s collectives to become full time chocolate artisans.

Jonathan Amado
Cacao Source agronomist, specialized in the production of whole foods through regenerative and biodynamic practices.
I have developed agroforest models in different countries : the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Brazil. Working with insitutions like the F.A.O. from the U.N.

Xochitl (So-chil) Kusikuy Ashe has been a student of sacred mushrooms for over 27 years. At 16 years old she became the first female of five generations of men to be initiated into the healing traditions of her Peruvian ancestral lineage. She is a Medicine Woman in the Peruvian Andean tradition and has worked with sacred plant medicines since the time of her initiation. For the past 23 years she apprenticed under her Godfather, a Mazatec Medicine Man of the ancient tradition of healing with the “Nti-si tho” “Santitos” or Psilocybin mushrooms.

​​She is a professionally trained herbalist, IFS Therapy Practitioner (Internal Family Systems) and specializes in the ceremonial use of Cacao and Psilocybin Mushrooms. In her practice, Xochitl focuses on the healing of generational trauma and the ways in which that trauma impairs our ability to thrive, create wealth, and have a positive impact on the world.

Danielle is a Registered Herbalist (RH) of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Best-selling Author of Healing Adaptogens and Head of Education and Innovation at Four Sigmatic. Prior to joining forces with Four Sigmatic, she received her BA in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from Whitman College.

She studied Ayurveda in India and became a Certified Yoga Instructor on the banks of the Ganges River. She then worked with a Naturopathic Doctor in Indonesia where she became a Certified Raw Chef and Detox Coach. But it was leading trekking adventures into the backcountry of Thailand where she became particularly fascinated by herbal medicine. After several years in Asia, she landed in Boulder, Colorado to formalize her education in holistic medicine. Upon completing her graduate studies at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (CSCH), she opened her private practice, Danielle Ryan Wellness, where she works with hundreds of clients across the US, specializing in functional mushroom based treatment for individuals with autoimmune conditions and chronic illnesses. She was invited to become the Instructor of Mycology at CSCH, where she taught for 5 years.

Danielle brings her passion and expertise in herbal medicine, clinical practice, teaching, formulation, and her deep love for fungi, to everything she does.

Tz’utu Kan is a Tz’utujil artist, member of the acclaimed Balam Ajpu group, who is changing the notion of Mayan poetry in contemporary arts. His music includes native sounds and electronic beats, creating a unique sound. Tz’utu has shared his music around the world. Tz’utu Kan is also a filmmaker and documentarist. 

Tz’utu is one of the greatest painters on Lake Atitlan and a video editor & filmmaker. Through his various projects his work aims to rehabilitate the mayan language and to bring his native language to the world through different cultural contexts and avenues.

Reishi Strauss is an Appalachian-born herbalist, mycologist, medicine-maker, and microdose coach now based in the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from Bastyr University in 2019, receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Herbal Science and began her medicinal mushroom focused medicine business called Earth & Spirit Botanicals. A lover of the intersections between science and spirit, Reishi has taken courses in pharmacology, ethnobotany, herb/drug interactions, disease processes, and more.

In 2022 Reishi completed her studies from the Columbines School of Botanical Studies where she studied ecological stewardship, clinical herbalism, and botany. Reishi is passionate about being in relationship with plant and mushroom medicines in a way that is reciprocal to the Earth and the indigenous communities who have stewarded these medicines for millenia. She seeks to be in pleasurable & symbiotic interspecies relationships with the plants, fungi, insects, bacteria, animals, humans, minerals, and all lifeforms whom we co-habitate with this beautiful planet Earth

Vanessa began learning about plant medicines from her grandmother and great grandmother in the mountains of New Mexico at 9 years old. Since that time, she has been living immersed in various healing paths and earth medicines. As an Indigenous woman credentialed in Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Guiding, Vanessa supports individual’s direct experience of the sacred through ceremony, ritual, and spiritual connection. Inviting in practices and ceremonies held for generations allows an opportunity to celebrate, give gratitude, or prepare for various struggles or difficulties in life and death.

Matt Powers (M.Ed) is an author, educator, citizen scientist, entrepreneur, and family guy who teaches people all over the world how to live more regeneratively. Personally driven by a deep desire to have the best food possible for his wife and cancer-survivor, Adriana, and their two boys, Matt, a former public high school teacher with a Masters degree in Education, is creator of over a dozen online courses and author of over 20 books on permaculture and regenerative soil science like The Permaculture Student series and the Regenerative Soil Trilogy.

Warren Hill founder and owner of Washington Shrooms CO. Established in 2019. Washington Shrooms CO. is a small Mycology supply company that specializes in spores & grain spawn. As well as providing spawn to the world Washington Shrooms CO also teaches mushroom cultivation courses.

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