Mycoremediation with Alex Dorr


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Let’s clean the world with Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are powerful allies in the health of our bodies, but also in the health of the planet. In this webinar Alex Dorr will take us through the history of the Queendom, the basics of MycoRemediation including:

Fungi remediating heavy metals
Fungi remediating radiation
Fungi remediating biological contaminants
Fungi remediating chemicals

We’ll also explore Grassroots vs industrial scale, Phyto + phyco + bacterial + Mycoremediation, testing of the area, before, and after.

You’ll learn which fungi to work with to clean marine or terrestrial contaminated sites, how to find and developing new species for mycoremediation and the future of the practice.

Besides Mycoremediation we’ll also explore topics such as:
Functional Mushrooms
Psilocybin Mushrooms

We’ll close with the big question: How fungi can fix the root of the issue 🌈

Meet Your Teacher

Alex Dorr is the founder and CEO of the functional mushroom company, Mushroom Revival Inc. based in Austin Texas.
Alex co-hosts the number one mushroom podcast in the world, The Mushroom Revival Podcast, alongside his loving partner Lera. After earning his degree in mycology.

Alex authored the book “Mycoremediation Handbook:” (2017) and built the largest and first certified organic Cordyceps militaris mushroom farm in the Americas. He was recently nominated as one of Austin Inno’s 25 under 25 and is absolutely obsessed with the power of mushrooms.

Alex Dorr

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