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Join hundreds of graduates from 40+ countries!

A worldwide “ShroomBoom is happening and the possibilities for any trained mushroom cultivator are endless. 

With the skill sets learned or expanded during our courses our stduents have been able to start of find employment at:

  • Mushroom farms
  • Mushroom extraction companies
  • Integration & coaching businesses
  • Mushroom cultivation consultancy
  • Psychedelic retreat centers
  • Fungal start-ups
  • & mush more…

Are you ready to become Fungi Certified and join hundreds of sporriors we have trained since 2016?!


Learn and Share

Fungi are our inspiration to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between ourselves, our community, and our planet’s ecosystem. Not everyone is connected to nature. Most of us are not connected to our true inner being. Mushrooms allow us to rekindle this connection to ourselves, our community, and all life.

Get skilled and connect with a global community of mushroom cultivators, psychedelic explorers, permaculturists, and eco-changemakers!

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Online Sacred Mycology Courses

Learn to grow and use beneficial fungi. 

Join 6000+ Sacred Mycology Students and a growing community of 300.000+ Global Mycophiles!

Online mushroom Cultivation Course

Get the skills to heal, grow, and thrive

2000+ students and counting…

Whether you are a complete beginner or have dabbled with mushroom cultivation before, with 70+ video lessons and a 130+ page workbook, this course will give you the skills to grow your own mushrooms confidently.

Fungi Academy connects you with experts from the global network of citizen mycologists and psychedelic change-makers.

Yes, we know what you are thinking.😅 You will also learn how to grow sacred mushrooms!

Fungal Ecology Course

Have you ever wanted to connect deeper to the Mycelium beneath your feet?

Uncover the Magical World of the Fungi that have made life on this beautiful planet possible since the beginning of time.

No spore is left unturned with the shared wisdom of world-class Fungal Educators like: William Padilla-Brown, Giuliana Furci, Jasper Degenaars, Dr. Mark Anthony, Taye Bright and mush more…..

In 40+ clear, fast-paced, and most of all FUN video lessons and a 130+ page workbook! you will learn about the role of Fungi in the evolution of our planet and the way they relate to other members of natural ecosystems like our plant, animal, and bacterial brothers and sisters.

At the end of this course, we are confident you’ll find yourself enthralled by fungi and exceedingly grateful for all of the magical fungal organisms that make our beautiful existence happen.

Psychedelic Journeywork Course

Enrich Your Psychedelic Experience and Life

Whether you are a psychedelic virgin or a well-traveled psychonaut, with 12+ in-depth video lessons and 70+ pages of text, this psychedelic course has something for everyone, giving you the skills and knowledge to get more out of your psychedelic experiences.


The Psychedelic Journeywork course aims to educate a culture that’s out of touch with the beneficial use of psychedelic medicine.

The ‘this is your brain on drugs’ age has limited modern western society’s ability to go through its natural right of passage and embrace the healing power of psychedelics.

But right now, you have the power to determine how you and all of us experience the safest, most healing and effective psychedelic journeys.

By the end of this course, you will have accumulated a vast knowledge on the best approaches and practices gleaned from sources as varied as traditional cultural use to the cutting edge discoveries of today’s psychedelic sciences.


From Fungi Academy students


"My favorite avenue of education would be with the Fungi Academy"


"If anybody is interested in Mushroom cultivation, this is definitely the place!"


""I am blown away by how smart, organic and authentic the Fungi Academy Teaching Style is."

Jake Plummer, Former NFL quarterback

"It was great to learn from the very getgo how easy it is to do this at home!"

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