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Get skilled at growing and using edible, medicinal and sacred mushrooms

Mushrooms are our inspiration to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between ourselves, our community and the ecosystem of our planet. Not everyone is connected to nature. Mostly because we are not connected to our inner true being. Mushrooms allow us to rekindle this connection to ourselves, to our community, and to all life. This reconnecting and regeneration is the central theme of the paradigm shift we are going through right now. 

Get skilled and connect with a global community of mushroom cultivators, psychedelic explorers, permaculturists and eco-changemakers!



What our students say

"The Fungi Academy is an amazing collective of passionate souls that are working to change this world for the better, and they hold a very special place in my heart! Anyone that has the chance to visit or support these guys in any way, do it! Be a part of the global revolution!"

Celina Cacho

"Coming into this I didn't really know much about mushrooms, except that they are delicious. After a week in Fungi Academy, I really got my mind around the whole mushroom cultivation cycle. More so, I gained a sense of excitement to grow myself and how to help people get started growing their own mushrooms."

Mike Vair-Haley

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We are an international collective of passionate earthlings, working together to bring the magic of fungal wisdom to the world. 

We work to make mushroom education accessible and easy. Be it for food, medicine, ecological restoration, permaculture design, or consciousness exploration.

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