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Join our Mushroom Masterclasses with educators from across the globe. Learn about a variety of different fun-gi filled topics, from organic mushroom farming to mycoremedation. 

All of our Mushroom Masterclasses are available on-demand or to be purchased to watch live in our ‘upcoming’ events! Links will become available after purchase.



Gabe DeRita

September 7th, 4-5:30pm MT

Join us for a FREE workshop with
Effective Communication Coach Gabe DeRita!

At our Authentic Relating & Community Leadership Workshop, we aim to create a transformative learning experience that empowers participants with the tools and insights needed to cultivate deep and meaningful connectionsenhance their communication skills, and become confident and empathetic leaders within their communities.

online integration circle

Karena Beana

September 26th, 4-5:30pm MT

Join a community of peers in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free place to share and explore psychedelic experiences.

Our integration circles are for anyone who has used psychedelics for healing and personal growth, and is seeking a place to unpack and process their experience.

Music as psychedelic therapy

Shahar Amit


In this Mushroom Masterclass we will talk about music, psychedelics and the power of combining the two! Shahar will also demonstrate how to use the Modular Album as a tool within this therapeutic space. We will go all the way back to the origins of music and travel through to the impact and use it has in psychedelic therapy today.

Holistic Medicinal mushrooms:
the herbalist way

Maz Alice

October 21st, 10am MT

Adaptogens! Immune Modulators! Elixirs of Immortality! In this class you will refine your understanding of your constitution and how medicinal mushrooms act on the body from the perspective of holistic herbalism. We will unpack the buzz words like “adaptogens,” and “immune-modulators,” and explore how these impact the tissue states within the body and what this means for you.

labracadabra: diy
psychedelic extraction


November 25th, 10am MT

How to safely make pharmaceutical grade psychedelic medicines in your own home, even if you’re a complete beginner!

In this Mushroom Masterclass on Psychedelic Fungi Extracts, we will cover: Intro to Practical Alchemy, Getting Started with Spagyria, Alchemical Tinctures and Applications in the Lab and Nature: The World is your Laboratory!

online integration circle

Gabe DeRita

October 31st, 4-5:30pm MT

Join a community of peers in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free place to share and explore psychedelic experiences.

Our integration circles are for anyone who has used psychedelics for healing and personal growth, and is seeking a place to unpack and process their experience.

Cultivating Wood Loving Psilocybe Mushrooms

Caine Barlow

November 4th, 2pm MT

From spore to spawn to substrate, many of the fungi we cultivate are relatively easy to grow using conventional cultivation methods, while for others, it is sometimes best to leave them up to their natural lifecycle – guided somewhat.

Join Caine Barlow for 90-minute mushroom cultivation workshop covering the cultivation and use of outdoor wood-loving mushrooms

Exotic Medicinal Mushrooms of the Tropics: their properties and features


December 16th, 10am MT

Mushrooms have been a part of tropical medicinal practices for thousands of years. Join us in this Mushroom Masterclass to learn about the medicinal profiles and identifying features of
tropical fungi.

Psychedelics and the goddess mysteries

Darren Le baron

December 23rd, 10am MT

In this presentation Darren will explore the revival of the archaic feminine through mythologies and traditions, that connect the psychedelic experience to the Goddess mysteries. He will take you on a thought provocative journey and look at the origins of these Goddess practices in ancient Africa, Mesopotamia and Europe and how they have become coded in several mythological and psychedelic rites of passages throughout the ancient indigenous world to the here and now.

on demand:

Mushroom Art Matters

Irene Antonez


Join Irene Antonez a multi-media artist and musician through an inspiring journey all about Mushroom Art! Irene focuses on the consciousness and intelligence of the natural world, macro-micro cosmos, metamorphosis and symbiosis. In this lecture you will learn all about Irene, her journey, what inspires her work and why it is so important for our ever-changing world!

High dose mushroom masterclass

Acacea Lewis

What is a high dose? How many people consider themselves High dose shroomerd, and why would someone want to experience a high dose? Dive into the mystery traditions and secrets of the inner unseen realms in this class, and learn something about the legacy of High dose mushroom use, in reverence to
the legacy of Baba Kilindi lyi.

Toadstools & taboo: how mushrooms teach us about sex, death & immortality

Ash Ritter

Join us for a multi-disciplinary cypher, exploring the Psilocybe species, Amanita muscaria, candy cap (Lactarius spp.), turkey tail (Trametes versicolor, reishi (Ganoderma spp.), ergot (Claviceps purpurea), etc., and how we can flip the script from taking mushrooms to letting the mushrooms take us.

Psychedelic narratives of healing & harm

Julian Vayne

We will explore the stories we weave around the psychedelic experience. We’ll explore what role metaphors play in emerging and integrating psychedelic insights, and the way in which narratives, such as those around trauma, can becoming limiting or even harmful.

Expect both cutting edge insights for underground and licensed psychedelic settings, plus a healthy does of psychedelic history, to help us create better informed ways of thinking and
talking about tripping.

The fungal foundations of field mycology

Guiliana Furci

Join Giuliana as she sits down with Jasper to have a yarn about her life as a field mycologist, as well as how you can get out there and become an ambassador for Fungi too.

This will be an interactive session wherein you have the oppertunity to join in the conversation and ask all the questions you might have for Giuliani!

fungi on the fringe: Exploring the fascinating world of mycelium material

Catherine Euale

Join us for an exciting presentation on the cutting-edge field of mycelium materials and their potential to revolutionize industries ranging from fashion to construction. Fungi on the Fringe will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of mycelium, the underground network of fungal threads that plays a critical role in the ecology of our planet.

fungal evolution to mutualistic life with ants

DR Pepijn Kooij PhD

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of fungus-farming ants and their fungal partners. Join us for this enlightening online talk where we unravel the extraordinary story of their mutualistic symbiosis, exploring its origins, the pivotal role of the fungus, and the intriguing aspect of asexuality that ensures its stability.

A Symbiotic Framework for Endobiont Relationships

Raskal Turbeville

Endophytic Fungi live within plant tissues for part of, or for the entirety of a plants life. Mediating crucial processes like growth nutrient cycling, disease and pest resistance, stress tolerance, and overall health and well-being of the host.

In this lecture we will cover the biology, ecology, role and function of these hidden and often underappreciated helpers. We will explore the benefits they offer to their plant partners and ways we can work directly with endophytic fungi to enhance our ecosystems. Most importantly we will cultivate a curiosity & appreciation for these unseeen alchemists of ecological relationships.

Let us delve into this mysterious world and shine a light on these wondrous organisms.

fire loving fungi & post -fire bioremediation

Taye Bright

How do fungi respond to fire? How do fungal communities shape how an ecosystem will rebound? How can we ally with fungi to help decontaminate toxins left over from burned structures and restore ecological health to post-fire soil systems? In this presentation we will explore the complex and awe-inspiring ecological relationships between fire and fungi in California.

Taye will share about her work with CoRenewal doing post-fire mycoremediation research, insights from tracking post-fire fungal succession, as well highlight the findings of other researchers who are doing amazing work investigating pyrophilous (fire-loving) fungi.

the alpha and omega that shape the world

William Padilla-Brown


William shares his presentation on the Alpha and Omega that Shape our World – how Algae (Alpha) and Fungi (Omega) are quintessential to life on this planet.

Together the Alpha and Omega have everything within them to kickstart life to evolve in the beautiful complexity we see today. We also discuss what excites William and Jasper most about the Fungal Queendom and why we’ve dedicated our lives to them

mycorrhizal fungi: their past, present & future

DR Mark Anthony Phd

Today, mycorrhizal fungi are found nearly everywhere land plants grow, but there are thousands of different species with unique ecologies and functional abilities.

Dr.Mark Anthony will share recent discoveries about the importance of mycorrhizal fungal diversity forest health and beyond and will provide a look into the future to discuss how these critical members of nearly all ecosystems will be affected by ongoing and worsening global changes like invasive species, pollution, and climate change.

And finally, Dr.Mark Anthony will provide a vision for harnessing the ecology of mycorrhizal fungi to more sustainably manage our ecosystems and better prepare for the future. 

lichens and the wonders of interspecies symbiosis

Reishi Strauss

Understanding lichen’s interdependent nature revolutionized our understanding of symbiosis throughout all of life — from mycorrhizae to coral reefs to endosymbiotic theory. In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into the biology and ecology of lichens, studying their self-contained miniature ecosystems and how their algal and fungal symbionts relate to each other.

We’ll explore the evolutionary biology of lichens and how they pave the way for other organisms to proliferate in harsh climates. Drawing from Reishi’s background as a botanist and clinical herbalist, we’ll also explore some of the medicinal applications of certain species of lichens and how to harvest them sustainably. 

the biology behind the zombie ant fungus

DR Joāo Araújo, PhD

The ability to infect insects arose multiple times along
the evolution of Fungi. However, none has shown such broad and sophisticated strategies to infect, persist and transmit spores than the so-called “Zombie-Ant Fungi”!

In this talk, João will take us through how these behavior manipulators arose and which strategies they have developed in order to thrive and spread through several species, becoming a diverse fungal group.

The Psychedelic Mysteries
of Christmas

Darren Le Baron

In this special Mushroom Masterclass Darren will explore the ancient origins, and some of the not so well known truths about this festive season. With so much distortion and misrepresentation over the years, it is now time to shed light on the Psychedelic Christmas mysteries before they are totally removed from folklore as well as our history books.

Darren will leave no stone unturned in this talk, so if this is the first time you’re hearing any of this, we hope it doesn’t ruin Christmas for you but enhance it. Either way come along and be flown away by this thought provocative presentation.

Medicinal mushrooms: the human clinical trials

Robert Rogers

Join Medicinal Mushroom Expert Robert Rogers
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about medicinal mushrooms, and especially want to grasp more of the hard science to convince your skeptical friends, this is THE Mushroom Masterclass for you!💊🍄

There is no better person to unravel the molecular mysteries of our fungal allies then Robert Rogers! With over 50 years of experience working with natural medicines, extracting them, finding them in the wild and writing almost 50 books about them. This man is a
wealth of knowledge.

fungi & flow states

Laura Dawn

Join microdosing mentor and plant medicine integration guide Laura Dawn in this Mushroom Masterclass as we dive and demystify flow states and learn how psychedelics and plant medicines can help us reconnect and find our way in our journey as human beings.

This workshop explores the intersection between the science and mysticism of flow states, and how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines are a powerful catalyst for tuning in and then tapping in to the frequency of inspiration. 

secrets of the daoist mushroom medicine

Mason Tyler

Join tonic herbalist Mason Taylor as we delve into the ancient linkage of Daoist herbalism and explore the mushrooms that have been revered for millennia within this complete system.

Medicinal mushrooms have taken the world by storm, but in our Western desire for reductionist understanding, we have we left behind the secret wisdom that teaches us how we can truly cultivate longevity, radiance and flow with the support of the mushrooms.

growing with
amanita muscaria

Amanita Dreamer

The Amanita might be the most iconic mushroom of the world. Hell, the mushroom emoji is even an Amanita🍄 It grows almost everywhere in the world, and most, if not all of our ancestors came in direct contact with this enthralling mushroom. But, according to Amanita Dreamer, Amanita muscaria is more than an
 iconic mushroom.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a relationship with this powerful and beautiful fungal ally, this is the best place to start.

ethnomycology in africa

Darren Le Baron

Although not often recognized by researchers and scientists, fungi and plants have been used by indigenous Africans and those in the diaspora for spiritual and community development for millennia.

Several groups use these sacred plants in their rites of passage initiation ceremonies and daily rituals. Is the “Stoned-Ape Theory” the only EthnoMycological knowledge you’ve heard that has its roots in Africa?

Then this is the mushroom masterclass for you!


Alex Dorr

Mushrooms are powerful allies in the health of our bodies, but also in the health of the planet. In this webinar Alex Dorr will take us through the history of the Queendom, the basics of MycoRemediation.

You’ll learn which fungi to work with to clean marine or terrestrial contaminated sites, how to find and developing new species for mycoremediation and the future of the practice.

intro to alchemycology

Jason Scott

Alchemy is the art of transmutation, rooted in a traditional practice that reaches as far back as ancient Egypt.

While plants, minerals, metals and animals were recognized in the alchemical philosophy and practice in the form of creating effective medicines, mushrooms and much of the fungal queendom were all but omitted.

Fungi are nature’s own alchemistas (little alchemists) turning the treasures locked within the earth into medicine for plants, animals, and people. 

your psychedelic ancestors

Julian Vayne

As the Psychedelic Renaissance gathers pace, and around the globe the benefits of these remarkable substances are increasingly recognized, it’s essential to know where we’re coming from.

In this mushroom masterclass Julian Vayne will guide participants through the long strange trip of psychedelic history. Combining the latest archaeological and historical research with a delicious helping of psychedelic magic.

Psychedelic Ancestors is your opportunity to connect with the remarkable stories of those who have walked this path before us. Learn about how our psychedelic Set is influenced by these stories, and the many

organic mushroom farming in china

Jeff Chilton

Have you ever wondered how the largest producer of organic mushrooms operates? There is no better person to show the wonders of Chinese Mycological ingenuity than Jeff Chilton.

Jeff will take us on his journey of bringing high-quality, organic mushrooms to the world. Any (aspiring) mushroom cultivator will be able to pick up some new teachings from our fellow
Chinese mycophiles!


(Also for our courses in English)