Online Events


Fungi Cultivation Q&A Session

Join us every second Tuesday of the month for a fun(gal) chat where we explore the possibilities of mushroom cultivation and anything mushroom related.
June 8th

DNA Barcoding at Home

Have you ever wanted to take your citizen scientistry to the next level? This Webinar will give you the knowledge and confidence to get started with your very own DNA sequencing lab! Alan Rockefeller will take us through the process on how to do DNA barcoding of fungi in your own home!
June 3rd

On Demand

Organic Mushroom Farming in China

Have you ever wondered how the largest producer of organic mushrooms operates?

There is no better person to show the wonders of Chinese Mycological ingenuity than Jeff Chilton.

Jeff will take us on his journey of bringing high-quality, organic mushrooms to the world. Any (aspiring) mushroom cultivator will be able to pick up some new teachings from our fellow Chinese mycophiles!