High dose mushroom masterclass


Sliding Scale Cost $15-$25

This class will take place on ZOOM, as well as recorded and sent to all who registered.

What is a high dose? How many people consider themselves high dose shroomerd, and why would someone want to experience a high dose? Dive into the mystery traditions and secrets of the inner unseen realms in this class and learn something about the legacy of High dose mushroom use, in reverence to the legacy of Baba Kilindi lyi.

What does the data about mushrooms show us in regards to John Hopkins University studies and what differences can you expect about the languages of high dosing, from grams to mili or micro grams in the future? How to support your neurological functions before, during and after a mushroom trip, and activites that help promote physical, mental and emotional integration of Mushroom trips. 

Applying the laws of physics as we know it and exploring the vast expanse of novel states of consciousness, how do we apply the laws of physics to our thoughts, dreams and aspirations through goal setting and making life changes selectively around our experiences. How far is too far, and is there such thing as a bad trip? Let’s discuss. 

What is quantum entanglement and how do we decide or choose to selectively eliminate, build or minimize our connections to thought forms, beliefs and systems of patterned behaviors? What questions do we ask the mushroom and ourselves to step out of our comfort zone? Ever wanted to learn the Cultural Anthropology of Psychedelic Mushrooms? Come learn about 5 different ethnic groups around the world that have some verified psychedelic mushroom use. 

These are the things you’ll learn in this class!

Meet Your Teacher

Right now Acacea is cookin’ up several textbooks for her students, including the Divine Master Alchemy
Researchers Guide.

She’s also assisting in the effort to study and preserve indigenous varieties of Psilocybe zapotecorum in the town of San Jose Del Pacifico, where her school is physically being built and where descendants of the Zapotec people are still consuming sacred mushrooms in high doses.

Acacea studies the use of high-dose mushrooms across many cultural and anthropological lenses, from Mexico to India and Tibet. She is an independent researcher and lifetime student of sacred mushrooms, always looking for ways to bridge and integrate the fields of medical science spiritual systems, and cultural anthropology.

Acacea Lewis 

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