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Get access to Psychedelic Journeywork, Sacred Mushroom Cultivation
& MUSH more!!

Join the psychedelic renaissance, in our Mushroom Mastermind you will receive the most mush for you buck! Learning how to grow your own food and medicine, how to hold space for yourself and your loved ones as well as access to an online community of mycophiles for support, connection and inspiration!

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What you'll get

Step-by-step mushroom cultivation video lessons that you can follow at your own pace.

You will master the whole process of mushroom cultivation, from spores to harvesting your food and medicine.

72+ Video Lessons 120+ Page Workbook
Regular price value $297

The Psychedelic Journeywork course aims to educate a culture that’s out of touch with the beneficial use of psychedelic medicine.

By the end of this course, you will have accumulated a vast knowledge on the best approaches and practices gleaned from sources as varied as traditional cultural use to the cutting edge discoveries of today’s psychedelic sciences.

12 Video Lessons 70+ Page Workbook
Regular price value $147

10 Mushroom Masterclasses

Guest Speakers include: Darren Le Barron, Laura Dawn, Robert Rogers and many more 

Regular Price Value $150


From Fungi Academy Students

Jake Plummer
Former NFL quarterback

"It was great to learn from the very getgo how easy it is to do this at home!"


"I was immediately hooked, the information is just so well put together, it just grips you. It makes you laugh, it keeps you interested, it makes you want to watch it over and over!"

Mushroom Mastermind Bundle

$ 497
  • Mushroom Cultivation Course
    (72+ video lessons 120+ page workbook)
  • Psychedelic Journeywork Course
    (12+ video lessons 70+ page workbook)
  • 10 Mushroom Masterclasses
  • Lifetime Access to an Private Mushroom Mastermind Community