Residency Program

Become a Fungi Academy Resident!

Join us at our HQ on the beautiful Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Live and learn in community and connect with like-minded mycophiles! 

We open our HQ to a limited number of residents throughout the year – our resident program aims to build a global community passionate about fungi and the power of mushrooms. 

From spore-inspired conversations to collaborative mushroom projects, our residents thrive in an environment that nurtures their passion for all things fungi.

Join our mycophile community in Guatemala!

What is the accommodation like?

Fungi Academy is a beautiful property in the valley of Tzununá, Lake Atitlán. We have various accommodation options from private rooms to a tipi (in the dry season). We have one dorm room that sleeps two people and six private rooms. Please contact us for pricing of the accommodations, prices will vary depending on the season.

Remember that we live in the highlands of Guatemala, and we are part of the ecosystem here! There are bugs that will be your neighbors, please bring natural insect repellent or just make friends with your local spider! 

We have wifi available to all residents, clean drinking water, and hot showers! Living in Guatemala means there are sometimes power outages which last at most 12 hour, so sometimes the wifi is not working. 

How does it work in the community?

Our community fluctuates and there are between 4-10 members in the community depending on the season. We have minimal community resident spaces during our retreat season and this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

We buy community food every week with a $25 donation from each community member. This food is free for everyone to use and covers basic necessities like rice, vegetables, oils, coffee, etc. You will also have a space in the kitchen to keep personal items for yourself. We encourage you to organize a community meal or organize a Sunday pancake morning!

Whats required of me in the community?

We have one community meeting per week with residents to discuss food and any tasks that need to be done in the community.

We encourage our residents to take initiative and get their hands dirty in the garden, cook a community meal, offer a yoga/movement class or volunteer to help our local cultivator Maria in the lab. Residents are asked to work minimum 3-8 hours a week in one of these areas, as well as a financial contribution.

Just like any shared living space, residents are required to clean up after themselves and keep our communal spaces beautiful!

Will I learn Mushroom Cultivation?

If you want to deep dive into Mushroom Cultivation we recommend to take either our online or in-person cultivation course to really get a full understanding of the process, or sign up for one-on-one classes with our lead cultivator (spaces vary depending on the season). 

Residents are welcome to attend our weekly Open Action Day to get an introduction and some hands-on experience. They can also help Maria and our lead cultivator in the lab with daily tasks.

What do I recievie?

Being a part of the Fungi Academy residents program is a powerful transformative experience. Learning to work with others, communicate clearly and respect boundaries are all part of community living, and valuable life skills. Plus, you get the opportunity to learn more about fungi and mushroom cultivation!

Residents will also have full access to our yoga shalas, sauna, exercise equipment, hot showers, Wi-Fi, comprehensive library, housekeeping and more!

Apply Here!

We are always looking for new community members for our dynamic physical Academy on the stunning Lake Atitlán, Guatemala! If ever you’ve wanted to live in paradise and co-create a community surrounded by the magic of fungi fill out our residency application and we will get back to you soon!