Fungal Ecology


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  1. A whole kingdom of living creatures, separate from plants and animals. The main structure of fungi is called the mycelium, which forms a sort of web through its medium, allowing for nutrient and energy transport. The reproductive organs, or fruiting bodies, are the famous mushrooms which humans (among others) gather and eat.

  2. Fungi are a separate kingdom of organisms that, like humans, take in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. They are diverse in class, but also in function. There is a whole mycelium network that communicates between trees, ones that alters the brains, and others for cooking. They are a wacky bunch, that has grown in appreciation to the decomposition side in the wheel of life.

  3. A network that connects us all. Perhaps older than even plant roots – fungi mycelium is a voice and highway for trees and bountiful source of nutrition and medicine for countless species. Beautiful and weird, mysterious and ubiquitous; queendom fungi!

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