Fire-loving fungi and Post-Fire Bioremediation

fire-loving fungi and post-fire bioremediation


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Fire is a powerful ecological driving force that has been shaping both the land and human culture since time immemorial. Amidst the heartbreak of increasing catastrophic wildfires around the globe from environmental alteration and changing climate regimes, there is also the emergence of profound insight and opportunity to heal our relationship with place. We are beginning to draw our awareness down into the rhizosphere and ask how fire is shaping not just our above-ground ecosystems, but our below-ground communities as well. 

How do fungi respond to fire? How do fungal communities shape how an ecosystem will rebound? How can we ally with fungi to help decontaminate toxins left over from burned structures and restore ecological health to post-fire soil systems?

In this presentation we will explore the complex and awe-inspiring ecological relationships between fire and fungi in California. Taye will share about her work with CoRenewal doing post-fire mycoremediation research, insights from tracking post-fire fungal succession, as well highlight the findings of other researchers who are doing amazing work investigating pyrophilous (fire-loving) fungi.


Meet Your Teacher

Taye Bright is an applied mycologist, ecological regeneration practitioner, educator, artist, medicine-maker and mythopoetic dreamer orienting her life’s work around fungi, fire/forest ecology, marine biology, symbioses and how to be in reciprocal, inter-species participation with our respective ecologies.

Taye holds a degree in Biology, has certifications in Permaculture Design and Ecosystem Restoration Design, and is a certified California Naturalist. She teaches mycology-focused classes and guides fungal ecology walks around Northern/Central California with the intention of providing accessible and embodied scientific education outside of conventional academia.

She is the owner and founder of Symbiiotica, a small business offering mycological services, art, medicine and education, as well as a co-owner of Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm, an outdoor, log-based mycoforestry operation.

She also works as a post-fire restoration and bioremediation researcher for CoRenewal and is in her 4th year as secretary for Bay Area Applied Mycology.

Outside of her scientific work, you can find her in the garden talking with birds, painting with mushroom ink, surfing, studying Norse mythology, cooking up delicious wild foods and reading poetry by the fire.

Taye Bright

Applied Mycologist, Ecological Regeneration practitioner

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