Mushroom Art Matters


Sliding Scale Cost $15-$25

This class will take place on ZOOM, as well as recorded and sent to all who registered.

In this presentation, the artist Irene Antonez will take us on a journey through her fungi art and talk about its important role in the well-being of the planet and humanity. Antonez will share the ideas behind her mushroom art, inspired by the microscopic research of fungi and mycology, the mushroom obsession of her family, indigenous knowledge, psychedelic science and more. 

The artist will present some of the fungi, plant & psychedelic art projects she’s been working on for the past several years, including, for example, her artworks for the Oakland Hyphae psychedelic conference, The Mushroom Hour podcast, solo exhibitions, art for festivals and mush more!

Antonez will also share her personal story and its influence on her artistic path: generations of her family included mushroom artists and fungi competition winners. The artist’s purpose in this presentation is to not only share her passion for mushrooms but also explore various ways in which mushroom-inspired art can help us build a happier and healthier future as humanity.

Meet Your Teacher

Irene Antonez is a Prague-based multimedia artist and musician. She creates surreal, dreamy, often psychedelic-looking paintings with a focus on fungi, microorganisms and the plant world. Her main areas of interest are microscopic research of fungi as well as ethnomycology, ethnobotany and old scientific illustration books. Some of the recurring themes of Antonez’s work are the consciousness and intelligence of the natural world the mircro-macro cosmos we are part of, as well as such processes as metamorphosis, symbiosis, and “plant-thinking”. 

One of the ways the artist sees her work is as an attempt to fulfill her curiosity towards the ever-becoming and ever-changing nature of plants and fungi, as well as to get back to her family roots through mushroom obsession. In her immersive, and other-worldly-looking paintings, Antonez is playing with combinations of various scales and layers to draw attention to the importance of tiny microscopic creatures to the world that is becoming more and more disconnected from its natural origins. The artist’s work is a constantly evolving search for different ways of putting an emphasis on the spirit or « soul » in each living being of any scale or size.

Irene Antonez

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