Secrets of the Daoist Mushroom Medicine

secrets of the daoist Mushroom medicine

2hrs of Content

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Join tonic herbalist Mason Taylor as we delve into the ancient linkage of Daoist herbalism and explore the mushrooms that have been revered for millennia within this complete system.

Medicinal mushrooms have taken the world by storm, but in our Western desire for reductionist understanding, we have we left behind the secret wisdom that teaches us how we can truly cultivate longevity, radiance and flow with the support of the mushrooms.

Mason is the founder of SuperFeast, Australia’s most trusted mushroom and Daoist herb company, and in this workshop he will be helping you cultivate and connect to the approach the ancients discovered for dancing with their health journey, free from the excessive constrains and greedy desires of just wanting benefits and results now; we do not objectify and use mushrooms and herbs in that way around here (long term anyway).

We will explore🌈

  • Why the tonic mushrooms and herbs are known as the Messengers from Heaven
  • The impact of developing relationships with the mushrooms
  • Why understanding the Daoist philosophy on health unlocks the true impact mushrooms have on our health
  • Why excessive reductionism kills the mushroom magic
  • How to take the long road to health
  • Why mushrooms are the ultimate protectors of the body
  • The 3 treasures and YinYang Wuxing of Daoism and their role in de-colonizing the mind
  • Why the mushrooms are not here to give you health and benefits
  • How the mushrooms can become your ultimate friends along your health journ

Meet Your Teacher

Mason Taylor is the CEO/Founder of SuperFeast and budding comedian on a mission to bring people back to their bodies and inspire health sovereignty for all. It was through his mum Janesse, that he was first introduced to the idea of a lifestyle that could potentiate the human experience. Janesse was a big inspiration for founding SuperFeast and still is to this day.

After traveling South America for a year in his early 20’s, Mason found himself struggling with his health. Realising he had the power to take control of his health, Mason averted his attention from his business degree to begin what was to become over a decade of health research, courses, education, and mentorship from some of the industry leaders in wellness and tonic herbalism. Inspired by his journey with health (including many years as a hardcore raw foodist).

Mason started SuperFeast in 2010; Initially offering a selection of superfoods, herbs, and supplements to support detox, immune function, and general wellbeing. Simultaneous with SuperFeast, Mason was also running detox and health transformation retreats in the Byron hinterland; Falling in love with the Byron Shire, Mason moved SuperFeast from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to Byron Bay in 2015.

The rest is history – from a friend’s rented garage to a warehouse in the Byron Industrial Estate to SuperFeast’s current home in Mullumbimby’s beautiful Food Hub, SuperFeast has thrived in the conscious community of the Northern Rivers. Mason continues to evolve his role at SuperFeast, in education, sourcing, training, and creating the formulas based on Daoist principles of tonic herbalism.

Mason Taylor

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