a symbiotic framework for endobiont relationships


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The further we advance in scientific understanding the more we realize the importance of microorganisms and the beings inhabiting space within other organisms, referred to broadly as endobionts. For years the scientific community viewed endophytic fungi, and microorganisms in general, as antagonistic to life and that the health of an organism was founded in sterility.

Relegated to the category of diseases and pests, endophytic fungi remained largely unappreciated until the late 1800’s despite how essential they are for plant life. While certain species do act antagonistically towards the host the vast majority of plant species suffer without some of their fungal partners present.

Endophytic Fungi live within plant tissues for part of or for the entirety of a plants life mediating crucial processes like growth, nutrient cycling, disease and pest resistance, stress tolerance, and generally contributing to the overall health and well being of the “host”. Additionally, many medically important phytochemicals once thought to be produced by the plant hosts are actually biosynthesized by their fungal partners!

As we continue to develop our understanding of ecology the more we will learn just how complex and fundamental the roles these organisms play are.

In this lecture we will cover the biology, ecology, role and function of these hidden and often under-appreciated helpers. We will explore the benefits they offer to their plant partners and ways that we can work directly with endophytic fungi to enhance our ecosystems. And most importantly we will cultivate a curiosity and appreciation for these unseen alchemists of ecological relationship. Let us delve into this mysterious world and shine a light on these wondrous organisms.

Meet Your Teacher

Raskal has been teaching people how to tend to, relate with, and appreciate fungi for the last 11 years!

Soil ecologist, mycology consultant, homesteader, and educator, Raskal is founder of Soil Ecology Analytics where he assists  farmers, ecologists, and soil lovers in enhancing microbial collaboration.

Raskal focuses on exhuming the patterning, functionality, and benefit of fungi in agricultural systems and beyond.

Raskal Tuberville

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