Authentic Relating for Mycelial Community Building

April 25th, 1-2:30 pm MT

HMR Free Workshop 2024


This class will take place on ZOOM, as well as recorded and sent to all who registered.

Join us for a FREE workshop with Effective Communication Coach Gabe DeRita!

At our Authentic Relating for Mycelial Community Building workshopwe aim to create a transformative learning experience that empowers participants with the tools and insights needed to cultivate deep and meaningful connections, enhance their communication skills, and become confident and empathetic leaders within their communities.

We believe that Authentic Relating is at the heart of building strong relationships, fostering thriving communities, and driving positive change in the world. It’s the foundation of our November 10-day leadership program, the Human Mycelium Retreat.
Inspired by fungi’s role as the great connectors of nature, we want to empower human leaders to be the Human Mycelium of connection in their communities. Join us to embrace your inner leader and gain tangible skills for growing connections.
This is not just a lecture! You will have a chance to practice Authentic Relating skills in playful and engaging games designed to give you real-world experience. We learn best by doing, and we can have fun along the way! 
Why Attend?
✔️Enhance Communication Skills: Learn effective communication techniques that go beyond words and build meaningful connections.
✔️Cultivate Authentic Relationships: Discover the power of vulnerability, storytelling, and active listening in creating genuine bonds.
✔️Lead with Impact: Gain insights into creating impact with others through simple practices you can apply in your next conversation.
✔️Prepare for Growth: This workshop previews our 10-day leadership retreat, the Human Mycelium Retreat.

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Gabe is a personal development coach & facilitator helping mission-driven humans live in alignment with their purpose.

He left his tech job to travel the world by bike, and in the process found his calling in coaching. He’s been working with the Fungi Academy leadership team since 2019. 

His approach to personal growth is rooted in neuroscience-based CoActive coaching techniques and Authentic Relating, with a heaping spoonful of Japanese philosophy on top.

Gabe was born in Philadelphia and currently lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He’s passionate about cycling, foraging wild mushrooms, social/climate justice, and the transformative power of psychedelics. You can learn more about Gabe’s work, his story, and connect with him at his site

Gabe DeRita

Personal Development Coach & Facilitator

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