Growing with Amanita Muscaria

Growing with amanita muscaria

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The Amanita might be the most iconic mushroom of the world. Hell, the mushroom emoji is even an Amanita 🍄

It grows almost everywhere in the world, and most, if not all of our ancestors came in direct contact with this enthralling mushroom. But, according to Amanita Dreamer, Amanita muscaria is more than an iconic mushroom.

“It can heal anxiety, help with mental health and growth and can also transform how we see the world. It is used in microdosing, smoking to find the elders, and tripping to induce, sometimes difficult, sometimes life altering, change. In this webinar we will be introduced the vast world of the amanita muscaria mushroom, safe use, types of use and what the mushroom wants the humans to know.” – Amanita Dreamer

If you’ve ever wanted to build a relationship with this powerful and beautiful fungal ally, this is the best place to start 🍄🍄🍄

Meet Your Teacher

Amanita Dreamer found herself struggling to get off medication and becoming suidical. When she found the amanita muscaria mushroom it changed her life. She became determined to help others by using her background in science to bring valid and accurate information to anyone who wanted to learn it. She experiments on herself, asks questions of indigenous users of the mushroom, researchers in the field and brings us along on her healing journey. She teaches classes on microdosing, healing anxiety, how to use the mushroom and creates videos to add to the online site,

She consults with others in the field and works to help scientists find new avenues of research. She also works to help everyone learn and understand the mushroom voice and how we can all learn to tap into its wisdom.

Amanita Dreamer

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