Mycology 101

Mycology 101

Dive Deep into the world of Fungi…

In these four lectures you’ll learn about the history of mycology, the immense history of fungi, the impact they have on us and the world, the different roles fungi play in the ecosystem and mush, mush more.

What you'll learn.....

1. Intro to mycology

Learn about the morphology of Fungi, their unique techniques for survival, the connections humans have with these fantastic organisms and the evolution of mycology, the study of fungi.


2. Evolution of Fungi

Join us as we explore the evolution of Fungi on this planet and the potential that they evolved on a different planet! Learn about the vital role they play in creating the abundance of life we find on Earth.


3. Fungi's Role in The Ecosystem

Ever wondered what Fungi are actually up to? We’ll investigate the omniprescence of fungi and how they serve the Earth, from decomposing dead organisms to creating symbiotic relationships with trees and even animals.


4. Fungal Fundamentals

We’ll conclude with the massive impact Fungi have on the world around us. We’ll also discuss the lifecycle of Fungi from spores to Spitzenkorpers! By the end of this lecture you will have a solid understanding of mycology!🍄


Are you ready to become an amateur Mycologist?


I love mushrooms! My passion started more then 10 years ago when I consumed my first Psilocybin Mushrooms in my home country of the Netherlands.

Shortly after that initial experience I started cultivating my own. Since then, I have taught thousands of people how to grow all kinds of mushrooms all over the world!

I’ve been teaching about this massive passion of mine for the last three years and there is nothing I’d rather do.

Mushrooms are the archetype of connection and connecting with other individuals about these wonderful organisms is when the fire in my heart burns like no other!

In this Mycology 101 class, I intend to light the fire I have for Fungi in you! By helping you understand these alien creatures on another level, I hope some of you will dedicate your lives to Fungi! At the very least, I’ll equip you with some cool facts to share at a dinner party 😅

I believe learning should be lighthearted and fun, not dusty and boring! This is not a scripted set of lectures. You get me in my raw form. Fucking a, I might curse from time to time.

Are you ready to go on this fungal ride with me?

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