Sacred mushrooms and mental illness

From non-stop mothers to busy college students, the public eye is fixed on the prospect of betterment. With mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression at an all time high, many are landing feet first on the unorthodox healing path in a pursuit to swap out traditional antidepressants for all-natural earth-derived treatments. Microdosing for anxiety relief has captured the interest of many, as positive results continue to flourish in light of sacred mushroom’s outstanding abilities.

In Mushroom News

Amidst decades of trepidation following the war on drugs, microdosing has caused a surge of enthusiasm in recent years as the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms became a propitious presence in modern mental health research. The discussion on psychedelic efficiency was propelled in one study recently published in Nature: Scientific Reports, where a team of experts in mycology and psychology conducted a trial that addressed the impact microdosing psilocybin has on mental health. Depression anxiety stress scales (DASS) were observed in this study as depression, anxiety, and stress levels were closely monitored. As a result of this study, it was found that microdosers displayed steady improvement in these areas when compared to non-microdosers.

Sparking the natural magic of the mind and rewiring the brain is an incredible prospect, and is one that has gone through years of stagnancy to at once be discussed openly. The neurological changes ignited by psychedelics in the brain isn’t anything new per se, but now with major platforms such as CNN and Forbes Magazine dedicating pages to this topic, there’s no room left to doubt the fact that the relevance of psychedelics and its powerful stature in modern times is nothing short of breaking news.

As clinical trials carry onward, results continue to show positive results in people who do not respond to traditional antidepressants such as commonly prescribed SSRIs. Whether or not the act of microdosing poses a viable substitute for  its pharmaceutical counterparts, those suffering from treatment-resistant major depressive disorder have displayed notable changes in the conducting of these studies also recognized by a clinical trial published in  JAMA psychiatry. So with the US Food and Drug Administration acknowledging psilocybin as  “breakthrough therapy” alongside the successful conclusions of psychedelic research, it’s fair to say that many are left perplexed by the potential capabilities of psilocybin and what it has to offer.

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The Magic behind it All

Psilocin, being the active metabolite of psilocybin, has been said to stimulate serotonin receptors in the CNS. Serotonin release in the central nervous system plays a vital role in mood, sleep, and libido. Psilocin is also the compound responsible for psilocybin’s entheogenic and mind expanding properties, showing potential promise in the combatting of anxiety and depression. Recent studies have also begun to assess psilocybin’s abilities to treat other debilitating issues such as chronic headaches, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and addiction.  

SSRIs are commonly prescribed to people suffering from disorders such as depression and anxiety in order to effectively increase levels of serotonin in the brain, but can bring unwanted and sometimes permanent side effects such as nausea, agitation and insomnia in some individuals. Because microdosing and/or full dose use of psilocybin under medical supervision is both safe and non-addictive, the conversation is open for optimistic questioning when it comes to making the switch from pharmaceuticals to sacred mushrooms. 

Increasing openness, focus, and empathy in itself is inevitably impactful, and the mystical experiences involved with psilocybin consumption may ignite a plethora of wellness engagement in both introspective healing, and outward perception. Because of this, we believe the conversation on microdosing and psychedelic use is not only necessary for treatment of various disorders, but is also meant to spark curiosity in how the mass public may perceive life relating to psychedelics as a whole. In our experience there is no specific niche, for the community is incredibly vast. It has become very evident that the willingness to delve deeper into oneself and begin a journey of great discovery is a tool for everyone, whether it be for parents, scholars, entrepreneurs, or artists- the list goes on wherever it is seeked. 

Microgenix’s take

A large part of our mission at Microgenix is dedicated to the idea that microdosing is not an end all cure to life’s convoluted issues, but rather a powerful tool to aid people in achieving the mindset necessary to get there. In many ways, we ultimately view microdosing to be a small piece of a bigger puzzle as there are many variables to be factored into its utmost success. We believe incorporating microdosing into other means of therapy is key to its whole effectiveness, as well as understanding the differences in mushroom strains, dose sizes, and scheduling. Because of this, our team has put in a lot of time and effort into honest research and education in order to curate the best quality products for the outcomes we wish to provide. Our main statement in all of our pursuits is intention, because remaining intentional has sculpted us into who we are since the very beginning.

All results aside, caution is key in the path towards success. Self-medicating can be a tricky topic, and should be handled sensitively when it comes to those suffering from various disorders. Remaining honest and informative in this new wave of psychedelic wins can certainly pave the way for many hopeful individuals, but needs to remain reasonable in its grand approach. Quality matters, sourcing definitely matters, and individual needs matter the most. Slow and steady wins the race, therefore taking the time to consult trustworthy professionals and asking all the questions big or small, makes a huge difference in how this medicinal phenomenon may progress forward.

We are nonetheless thrilled to watch it unfold, and are proud to play a role alongside the many incredible activists playing their part in making sure it is perceived properly, and intentionally.


about the author

Olive Pritchard is a passionate content writer with an admiration for psychedelics and literature. Driving influence from personal endeavors and consistent research, she has compiled a captivating range of writing for Microgenix through poetic roots that add vibrancy to the topic of wellness. Olive is eager to add onto her current list of work, remaining perpetually inspired by the beauty that is the current progression of sacred medicine in modern times.

Microgenix is a team of high-spirited, artistic individuals sharing an equal passion for community and holistic medicine. Since 2020, this group of individuals have remained dedicated to supporting microdosing journeys across Canada through quality sourcing and dependable knowledge. Each success story is an addition to the already existing passion that lies in Microgenix, and the future remains bright in how this team will proceed forward with integrity, and intention. 

DISCLAIMER: This article is for educational purposes only.


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