mushroom training center

mushroom training center in Guatemala

First of all, we are an international team of biologists, visionaries and “sporriors”. Our collective mission is to catalyze the growing global awareness. An awareness of the marvelous power of mushrooms through the cultivation of a human mycelial network.


There is much wisdom to be learned from the fungus among us. From Portobellos to Psilocybe, we feel that mushroom cultivation is a potent global solution. Hence, some of the most important issues plaguing our planet today can be partially solved by fungi. As a sustainable food source and a builder of healthy soil, a healer for damaged ecosystems and a powerful medicine for both body and mind. Because of that, we believe that fungus is the key to a healthier, more unified world. It is this vision of unity that serves as a model for the way we live, work, play and grow together. Because of that we founded a mushroom training center and a community in January 2016. Our community living and learning space is nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

We currently hold weekly workshops in applied mycology. As a result, we have taught hundreds of locals and travelers from around the world how to grow their own mushrooms. Be it for food, ecological restoration, enhancing permaculture design, or consciousness exploration.


Because we wanted to spread our mycelial net even wider. Thus, our team has converted a secondhand school bus into a mobile mushroom laboratory. Fungi bus will teach and share hands-on skills for mushroom cultivation. We will journey through the Americas, visiting intentional communities and permaculture farms. Also transformational festivals, rural communities and areas struck by ecological disasters.

Through the sharing of this practical knowledge, our aim is to empower more people to live lifestyles of healing and regeneration.