Sacred Mycology School and Transformational Community​

Learn to grow and use beneficial fungi. Join 500+ sacred mycology students!

Sacred Mycology School and Transformational Community

Learn to grow and use beneficial fungi. Join 500+ sacred mycology students!

Sacred Mycology Mastermind

Why Fungi?

Fungi and Mushrooms play a fundamental role in healing ourselves, the global community and our planet Earth as a whole. Fungi are an “elder species”, helping humanity to become more mature, responsible and conscious.

Fungi Academy is an alliance between humans and fungi, that inspires us to live in balance with each other and our environment.

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Sacred Mycology

We work to make mushroom education accessible and easy. Be it for food, medicine, ecological restoration, permaculture design, or consciousness exploration.

Meet The Team

We are an international collective of passionate earthlings, working together to bring the magic of fungal wisdom to the world. 

Since the beginning of 2016 we have been teaching practical skills of mycology

Oliver Merivee


For Oliver Fungi Academy is truly a labor of love. His professional background is in marketing, but has been a self-taught grower of mushrooms for the past 7 years around the world, from his home in Estonia to Australia, Guatemala, and the States. His interest in mushrooms began, like many young cultivators, with psilocybin mushrooms. Since then, his passion has expanded to include all kind of fungi and has developed into a full-blown mycophile.

Anna Savitri Mironova


Anna is an author and facilitator of transformational retreats and journeys since 2001.A master and teacher of Qi-gong, Taichi and Reiki. She has integrated wisdom from different schools of yoga, massage, breathwork, sacred plant medicine, dance, singing into her teaching as a pleasant and effective way of uplifting vibrations, centering and reconnection with your Self. Anna saved her life and completely healed from Asthma grace of Naturopathy cultivated in her family.


Jasper Degenaars


Jasper left his corporate sales job 6 years ago after a truly powerful psychedelic experience.  He got called to travel the world in search for his true passions. While traveling through South-East Asia and Australia he found his passions in cooking and serving medicinal foods to others. This Myconaut is interested in all things Fungal. Home-style cultivation, Ethnomycology, fungal gastronomy and bringing people together like mycelium is where his hearth resides.

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Sacred Mycology Mastermind

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Learn how to grow and use edible, medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms

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