Mushroom Education Center in Central America

Fungi Academy House

Fungi Academy is mushroom education center, a creative and educational co-living space, nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Why Fungi?

We believe Fungi and Mushrooms play a fundamental role in healing ourselves, the global community and our planet Earth as a whole. For us, Fungi is an “elder species” that is helping humanity to become more mature, responsible and conscious.

That’s why we created Fungi Academy, an alliance between humans and fungi, that inspires us to live in balance with each other and our environment.

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Mushroom Training Centre Notes

Open Source Mushroom Cultivation

Here in Guatemala, we established a symbiosis between a mushroom school and an intentional community, where (amateur) mycologist, permaculturist, travellers from all around the world and local/indigenous people can peacefully live and learn together.

Our Mission

We work to make mushroom education accessible and easy. Be it for food, medicine, ecological restoration, permaculture design, or consciousness exploration.

We are doing this by holding Immersive 6-day Mushroom Cultivation Courses every first Sunday of the month and weekly 1-day workshops in applied mycology. As a result, we have taught hundreds of locals and travelers from around the world how to grow their own mushrooms.

Additionally our Fungibus is spreading mushroom cultivation knowledge throughout Central America as a mobile teaching unit


For Oliver Fungi Academy is truly a labor of love. His professional background is in marketing, but has been a self-taught grower of mushrooms for the past 7 years around the world, from his home in Estonia to Australia, Guatemala, and the States. His interest in mushrooms began, like many young cultivators, with psilocybin mushrooms. Since then, his passion has expanded to include all kind of fungi and has developed into a full-blown mycophile.
Tanel has been travelling and living in different countries around the world for the past 7 years, gaining experience and knowledge as well as building a global network of contacts and friends. He co-founded and built Fungi Academy in 2016 to create a platform for sharing and spreading fungal knowledge across the globe. He strives to inspire and educate people from all over the world, empowering them to start their own mushroom projects.
Silvan is a graphic designer, mushroom educator and community leader.He learned professional cultivation of gourmet, medicinal and entheogenic mushrooms in the village of the famous curandera Maria Sabina in the Oaxacan mountains of Mexico. His connection to mushroom cultivation and fungiculture started in 2013 and it has been a fulfilling journey ever since. He ejected himself out of university to immerse himself more deeply into mycology, leading him to co-found Fungi Academy in 2016.
Eunice Luna was born with a big love for nature and a passion to enhance the beauty of every space around her. She has been moving around as an artist in mexico seeking inspiration and performance opportunities in different circus and theaters. Her passion for identifying medicinal herbs and theirs properties brought her to Guatemala looking to learn more about nature and medicine. With the intention to facilitate a space for helping meaningful global changes to happen she found a perfect place in the freshly created Fungi Academy project. This vision drove her to become the community mother and manager of volunteers. She inspires and facilitates creative and transformational experiences within the community life.
Masjid is a trained biologist and enthusiast in preserving life on earth. He specializes in mycology and has been working to restore the natural ecology of wildlife reserves using bioremediation techniques since 1997. His focus at Fungi Academy is being an ambassador, a networker and bridge to the indigenous community. Masjid is involved in educational processes, laboratory techniques, social meetings, bioconstruction and sustainable development in the Community. He is the creator of educational projects, referring to botany, herbalism, horticulture, mycology and orchidology.
Alessandra left the States in January 2016 two and a half years into a Bachelor’s of Environmental Science & Policy and Dance at Chapman University, seeking a new approach to education. She has been traveling around Central America since, living and working on permaculture farms and intentional communities. The perfect symbiosis of community and applied natural science, she instantly fell in love with Fungi Academy last May. Her main focal points are laboratory work, mushroom fruiting, facilitating effective communication, writing, organizing volunteers and designing social structure.