Mushroom cultivation course: Come immerse yourself in the fantastic world of fungi!

We are holding mushroom cultivation courses this Winter and Spring (Summer and Autumn coming later) 2017 at the Fungi Academy:

  • Session I: January 10-16

  • Session II: February 4 – 10

  • Session III: February 25 – March 3

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

What will you learn

Our mushroom course is designed for you to learn hands-on how to cultivate your own mushrooms. This means you will learn and experience yourself how to start off your mushroom cultures from spores, commercial cultures, fresh mushrooms from the forest or supermarket. We will learn all about indoor and outdoor cultivation. Another important topic we cover is, how to build your own affordable mushroom grow environments like laboratory, incubation and fruiting chamber.  Because mushrooms naturally grow outdoors, we will practice some different methods of growing mushrooms in your garden or forest.

Mushroom cultivation course spore print

Gardening with mushrooms

Along classical outdoor and indoor cultivation methods we will learn about companion gardening with beneficial mushrooms and microscopic mycorrhizal fungi. This means that you can grow your mushrooms in the same garden beds together with your vegetables. As a result both of them will benefit from each other and grow together in a symbiotic relationship. We are also going to look at alternative methods to gathering and cultivating your own beneficial fungi from the wild. This will help you build healthy and fertile soil.

Gardening with mushrooms

Mycoremediation and water cleaning

Final day we are going to learn whats happening in the earth cleaning front line of Mycoremediation. Mycoremediation is a fast growing and very promising field to solve some of the more difficult environmental pollution challenges. We will make our own diy mycofilter to clean water from pollution and pathogens. Besides water cleaning mushroom mycelium can be used for soil regeneration, pest control, petrochemical cleanup and even decomposing plastic.

Hands on cultivation

We are a collective of experienced mycologists and fungi enthusiasts with a mission to share the knowledge of mushroom cultivation for food, medicine and regeneration. With this intensive mushroom cultivation course we want to give you all the hands-on experience and knowledge you need to grow your own mushrooms successfully. Most importantly, we will help you understand the cultivation process, through practical examples from our own grow operation.

Topics covered in the mushroom cultivation course will include:

  • Mycophilosophy and the Ecology of Fungi

  • Laboratory skills

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Cultivation

  • DIY Methods

  • Tissue cultures

  • Liquid cultures

  • Collecting and germinating spores

  • Propagating mycelium on bulk substrate (grain, hay, recycled organic waste, etc)

  • Mycoremediation

  • Gardening with Mushrooms

  • Permaculture Ethics and Strategy

…and more!

Medicinal mushroom cultivation

Wholesome Meals: We will provide three vegetarian meals daily, prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets. Our meals are typically served family-style and eaten together in a circle. We are happy and willing to accommodate vegan and gluten-free diets.

Free Tent Camping our Dormitory (when available): Includes access to solar shower and composting toilet. If you wish to stay in a private room, please book through our NuMundo portal.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, German, Estonian.

If you need to stay connected during the course, WiFi is available in our common room.

Fungi Academy Cooking

Where are we and what’s it like here

The course is happening in Fungi Academy, a community fueled fungiculture and permaculture collective. We are located in Guatemala, at the mystical Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes and corn fields. Fungi academy is operating as a intentional community with the mission of spreading the mushroom knowledge and empowering people to grow their own mushrooms. During the time of the course you will be welcomed to live here as community  member. This is a great chance to experience co-living and co-creating in a sustainability oriented community.

We will limit our group size to a maximum of 12 people in order to ensure the most valuable, attentive experience for our course participants. Cost includes workshops, meals, tent camping, access to the yoga platform, and a cacao ceremony on the final night of the mushroom cultivation course.

Photos of Mushroom Course

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February 25-MARCH 3

Course fee 950 US

Early Bird 750 US (until 11 feb)

We are a young project that started in the beginning of 2016 January. Transparency and fairness is the soil, witch we believe abundance grows on. All the profits from this course will be divided 50% to Fungi Academy Fond and 50% will be shared among the course instructors according to their time investment to the collective. The Fungi Academy Fond helps to grow our community and our capacity to keep sharing this important knowledge. We are grateful for your trust and support. Feel free to contact us for any extra information. Mush Love!

PS: Limited amount internships are available for this event. Commit to work-exchange at the Fungi Academy for at least 3 months and you’ll get the workshop fee refunded at the end of your Internship. Contact us for more info!