A place for transformation, creation and self-development

This Impact Center is a place for introspection and transformation, creating new leaders every day.

Reconnecting with our community and ourselves

What is it with modern society? The city environment, new technologies, cellphones and devices meant to make human life easier have separated us so much from each other and from nature, from being in the present moment, in the here
and now. We have lost the knowledge that our ancestors had about medicine from the earth, and how to live as a community in a symbiotic way.

We humans are living on this beautiful home called Earth. To live harmoniously, we need to be aware of how the balance of nature works, how to take care of her and how to heal what needs to be healed in her, in us and between us.

Each person is living a different journey, each one of learns a different life lesson every day, with our own obstacles and challenges. We dance to so many different life rhythms, so many cultures, so many habits. But we are all here for the same reason. We are all from the same Human Tribe and our home is the same one, our mother earth.


Change and creativity in the house of mirrors

The Fungi House has been serving this purpose the last three months. It’s been a hard journey but one full of smiles. It feels like a lifetime now that we’ve been surrounded by so many amazing hearts coming and going, sharing everything from morning to evening. Perhaps it sounds crazy to spend each day with all these beautiful faces willing to have a nice talk and share a cup of tea any time with out schedule? Well, that’s just life here.

There is even a spirit dog, Chacala, who hangs out with us.

Fungi Academy is a platform with an open invitation to synergy and creation, a space in the here-and-now, a safe and relaxed environment. Living in this state of deep relaxation gives us so much time to meet and explore the inner self. It presents the opportunity to explore our inner realms of creativity, inspiring us with so much time for thinking and space for creating or even crying when necessary. It is a space for healing, and insight leading to transformation. So much so, that we sometimes call this place the house of mirrors. In fact, you won’t find a single mirror here. This is not a house of physical mirrors but soul mirrors reflecting life between the clouds.

The beautiful landscape surrounding us seems like a painting in motion, at times cloudy and gray, at times bright blue. Just as the clouds change through the day, at night the stars light up and electricity flashes across the sky.


Food, communication, transformation!

Communication is the medicine that heals our hearts. As plants communicate through their root system and mycelial network, we have the key for our own soul medicine. Evolution is revolution, and change starts with food as our medicine. Three times a day we cook and eat delicious vegetarian meals together. As a community, we nourish our bodies, minds and souls to transform ourselves from within.

We are the Fungi Academy Tribe. This is everybody’s tribe, we are a proud family and this could be your proud family too. Join us!

Transformation through communication

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