Fungi Anniversary Sale 2023

Our Online Sacred Mycology School
is turning three years old!!

This year we are celebrating the third anniversary of our Online Sacred Mycology School! We are feeling pretty mushy about it and to celebrate we have decided 
to have our


Not only are we giving you a helluva discount on the bountiful Mastermind Bundle, but we are also including our brand new Fungal Ecology Course to the whole shabam for this week only!

Sale ends July 31st


The Fungiversary Bundle!

To celebrate our Fungiversary we are doing our biggest sale ever with the 
Fungiversary Mastermind Bundle, including…

You will receive all the fungal wisdom through our Sacred Mycology Course, Psychedelic Journeywork Course, Fungal Ecology Course, lifetime access to Mushroom Masterminds, 3 extensive workbooks and join our online Mastermind Community to connect and learn from mycophiles around the world.

On sale for just $197

Regular price value $1094!


But wait, there's more!

Mastermind Bundle!

Includes both our Sacred Mycology Course and Psychedelic Journeywork Course and access to our private Mastermind Community, free access to all our live events and a large library of Mushroom Masterclasses. 

On sale for just $197

Regular price value $697

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Fungal Ecology Course

The Fungal Ecology Course aims to give you an in depth understanding of how fungi work in the ecosystem and the role they have played in shaping the world around us!

By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding about the role fungi have played in the evolution of our planet and the way the relate to other members of the ecosystem. 

On sale for just $147

Regular price value $297

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Sacred mushroom cultivation course

Step-by-step mushroom cultivation video lessons that you can follow at your own pace. Learn how to cultivate mushrooms in your own home!

You will master the whole process of mushroom cultivation, from spores to harvesting your food and medicine.

On sale for just $147

Regular price value $297

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Psychedelic journeywork course

The Psychedelic Journeywork course aims to educate a culture that’s out of touch with the beneficial use of psychedelic medicine.

By the end of this course, you will have accumulated a vast knowledge on the best approaches and practices gleaned from sources as varied as traditional cultural use to the cutting edge discoveries of today’s psychedelic sciences.

On sale for just $74

Regular price value $147

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What our students have to say

Jake Plummer
Former NFL quarterback

"It was great to learn from the very getgo how easy it is to do this at home!"

Mushroom course Alia testimonial
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"I like that it's on my own pace. Everything is broken down so easily!"


"I was immediately hooked, the information is just so well put together, it just grips you. It makes you laugh, it keeps you interested, it makes you want to watch it over and over!"

Sacred Mycology

What is the Sacred Mycology movement?

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Sacred mycology is about creating meaning and purpose in our lives with the help of mushrooms.

It’s about learning to interact and listen to nature’s wisdom within us and around us.

This wisdom has the potential to help us heal and regenerate ourselves and our environment.

Sacred mushrooms can inspire us to find purpose and a deeply meaningful existence while living here on earth.

We envision a global culture that is educated, conscious, and tolerant towards psychedelic medicines and the people who use them.