Divine Synchronicity – Survival of the Magical School Bus

I open my eyes with the sun just beginning to peak through the curtains of the windows, its November 15, 2016 in New Mexico, I smile seeing the 3 others lying next to me in a deep sleep. Washed with a wave of Gratitude, my intention for the day is to embody the frequency of harmony. Our plan for the day is to adventure back to White Sands National Park (we experienced a cosmic full moon ceremony 2 nights previous) and spend the day in nature, rolling around on the Earth before we begin our travels further South into Mexico tomorrow afternoon. With no rush the 4 of us prepared ourselves for the journey to the mystical sands we all planned for, not knowing in the moment we were in complete alignment with the flow of life’s great mystery. Silvan turns the keys to the ignition and the bus struggles to start the engine, but no budge. No freak out necessary, patience is within us all for we have gone through this a time or two. Our magical school bus has been on a journey of its own and the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe was a huge indicator that she needs some love and attention. With eyes closed, the 4 of us imagined and surrounded the struggle bus with love, a few moments after she started up. A wave of relief washed over us, our intuition suggested the problems were something to address but we decided it’s something that we can fix later on down the road. A quick stop by the gas station was necessary to fill up the tank before our adventure into the desert. Parked bus, opened door and I hear someone say “I am a bus driver, cool bus! Can I see what you did to the place?” We never hesitate to invite curious cats aboard to see our collective creation and this man was no exception. Phil walks into our home wearing a grey t-shirt with a school bus on it, I am convinced of his occupation. Embracing this opportunity we mention our dilemma. Phil hands us a business card with a clear sign printed from the universe. “STS New Mexico” a land where school buses and mechanics reside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “We cannot help you here” says a worker at STS “Go to Border International”. Within 10 minutes our desert adventure turns into a day hanging out in the parking lot of a tool shop in the city. Silvan and Tilo make an honest attempt to alleviate the symptoms of the exhaust pipe when the Fuel line explodes and begins spraying its insides in all places. Another life lesson: repression of any struggle will eventually come to the surface in multiple ways. A sense of clarity brought realization upon us, the knowledge to fix our present challenge was no where in sight. In that moment an angel from heaven wearing a name tag with “Martin, Border International” appeared to us. We shared our story of the journey ahead of us, our vision to make it to Guatemala and spread fungi love along the way. Martin checked everything under the hood of the bus and taught us how to repair the problems without asking anything in return, not even monetary exchange. He also pointed out that an important bolt holding the alternator, engine and fans, together was dangerously loose and if it came apart our fate would have resulted in an unfixable school bus and an abrupt end of our journey South. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All turned out well and our home on wheels got the attention she deserves. Somethings in life we just cannot plan, that would take away from the mystery right? Martin’s appearance and selfless service is quite literally the source of our continued journey. We started our day in the flow, not attempting to force or create anything, simply said we were unknowingly allowing ourselves to be guided. We were able to listen to the messages of the universe , act upon them and allow life to unfold instead of living out of our individual desires. Today we remembered the power in helping all who appear on our path thanks to our teacher Martin. When you give, you also receive, like a boomerang. Every experience with the fungi tribe continues to bond us closer as a family. Tonight we are kissed by the winds of heart opening gratitude. I am convinced that the support and love of our vision is truly guiding our path, manifesting our dreams into our waking reality. I know we are infinitely loved and provided for. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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