Growth spurt on the Magical Fungi bus


Ahhh, here we are, rotating on an axis of planet Earth, a crystal ball that is floating within the expansive yumminess of the galaxy. A world full of life, out of the billions of beings coexisting on the planet and the infinite amount of realities I could be living…it is still blowing my mind that I find myself living on a magical fungi bus. In that same breath, I do not believe in coincidence, I believe what we give is what we get, my internal world reflects in my external world, so I guess it is no surprise that we all ended up here, although this experience is not one I could have ever imagined. Underlying the physicality of the vibrant yellow tin can on wheels, there is a very special energy about it all. The hearts that occupy this space are so big that I can almost see the vibrations of love as it radiates and bounces back and forth to each person aboard. It is almost as if the Divine flow of life carefully chose and guided each one of us to create an experience of our wildest dreams.

Manifesting the dream


The manifestation of the fungi bus has attracted a community of creators in their rawest form, people who are uniquely their own as we are all on this journey of self-development. Listening to my fungi friends express their perception of life, the truth that comes along with it, and the life stories they each uniquely hold creates an explosion of inspiration within me. With time comes change, every day I feel we grow stronger as a community. Community is family, family sticks with one another through the ups and downs. Let’s face it, we are humans, not angels and we all walk hand in hand with the dark light of our shadows. The ups and downs of life are a packaged deal, it’s inevitable and impossible to separate the two. How would we know when life is flowing and bright if we do not experience stagnant darkness? The power is within the challenges and how we choose to handle them, every challenging moment is an opportunity for growth.

Expansion & growth


The unconditional love of mushrooms is the driving force behind our mission to sprinkle the knowledge of the fungi from San Francisco to Guatemala. A journey through many lands, traveling far and vast, living life of the free. To trust the great mystery of the unknown is a gift I am beginning to integrate and learn from the ones who surround me. Greatness is in intention and allowing the ebb and flow of life to do the rest. I see the space we have co-created together encourages and motivates each one of us to grow and evolve into a better person. The further south we travel, the stronger I watch us become. Each of us is learning our strengths we hold individually and collectively. It is amazing what we are capable of creating when we consciously choose to come together as one. No need for fear, doubt, or separation. With the belief of this project and amplified love from all who had faith in this vision this opportunity of a lifetime exists and is our reality and because of that gratitude overflows out of my heart space into the world. Power is in numbers and I feel we are just scratching the surface of the magic we can tap into together. 



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