Online sacred Mushroom
Cultivation Course

Learn how to grow psychedelic mushrooms!

2000+ students and counting…

Whether you are a complete beginner or have dabbled with mushroom cultivation before, the 70+ video lessons and 130+ page workbook in this course will give you the skills to grow your own magic mushrooms confidently.

Fungi Academy connects you with experts from the global network of citizen mycologists and psychedelic change-makers.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. 😅 You will also learn how to grow magic mushrooms!

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Online mushroom course

Get the skills to heal, grow, and thrive

Master the whole mushroom cultivation process

Have you always dreamed of growing your own sacred mushrooms, but don’t know where to start? 

Did you try to learn by yourself, but are overwhelmed by the excessive amount of articles, YouTube videos, and forum posts out there?

By the end of this course, 
you will understand the entire mushroom cultivation process!

You will be confident AND excited to start your sacred mushroom cultivation journey.

What you'll learn in the
Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course...

Module 1

Introduction to this Course

This is the introduction module. In 5 video lessons you will learn what this course is all about, how to use this course and get the best results as fast as possible.

Module 2

Spores & Cultures

This module is all about the different ways to start your mushroom cultivation journey! In 6 video lessons you will learn about spores, cultures, clones and where to source them.

Module 3

Mushroom Cultivation Equipment

In 7 video lessons you will learn about all the different tools and equipment you need to successfully cultivate mushrooms.

Module 4

Mushroom Cultivation Basic Principles

Now it’s time to get started! In 7 video lessons you will learn how to think like a mushroom! We will take you on the journey of the mushroom lifecycle, how to avoid contamination and how to avoid making all the mistakes that we have!

Module 5

Nurture Your Mushroom Culture

This is the spine of mushroom cultivation. With a total of 11 video lessons you will be the master of setting up a home-style lab environment & proper sterile workflow to propagate your mycelial culture in no time.

Module 6

Grain Spawn

Dive into the world of grain. In these 6 video lessons you will learn why mycologists work with grains, grain supplements & the best practices working with your grain.

Module 7

Liquid Culture

In these quite crazy 7 video lessons you will learn how to make & care for liquid culture. This liquid mycelium helps you seriously speed up and simplify your cultivation flow. It also makes the whole shebam way easier.

Module 8

Bulk Substrate

Bulk substrate or fruiting substrate is the last food you give to your mycelial culture before you are rewarded with the ultimate price for all of your hard work. After these 8 video lessons you will be a true beast of the bulk.

Module 9

Grow Mushrooms!

In the 7 video lessons of this module you will learn all about creating the right conditions for your mushrooms to grow, the best practices for harvesting & storing your mushrooms and how to get the most out of your monotubs.

Module 10

Storing your Cultures & Spores

In these 6 video lessons you’ll learn that proper culture preservation is an essential part of mushroom cultivation. The main objective of preserving your cultures is to store them in an active and stable form for long periods while staying practically the same!

Module 11

Wrapping it all up

In these 4 video lessons you’ll learn what to do with all the mushrooms you have grown! As well as a step by step guide on how to make microdoses. Ending with a graduation party to celebrate how far you’ve come!

Meet your teachers

Oliver Merivee and Jasper Degenaars

Oliver and Jasper are both first-grade mycophiles. For both of them, their love for mushroom cultivation started in the Netherlands after growing their first mushrooms from Sacred Mushroom Grow Kits.’ Baffled by the mystery of the process, they both set out on a journey to learn more!

With a combined 25+ years of mushroom growing experience and more than 5000 students taught since 2016, Oliver and Jasper set out on a mission to make learning online mushroom cultivation
Easy, Fun, and Exciting!

These two Myconauts did not fit in the traditional academic system, AT ALL. Yet, their thirst for knowledge carried them on a path of life-long learning. With the skillset of self-taught teachers, they aim to make the art and science of mushroom cultivation accessible to everyone aspiring to be a citizen mycologist.

What you'll learn

A solid foundation of practical mushroom cultivation skills

Mushroom cultivation

Solid foundation of practical mushroom cultivation techniques

With our simple and proven cultivation techniques, you will have the skills to turn a single spore print into a lifetime supply of mushrooms: sacred, edible,
and medicinal.

Step-by-step mushroom cultivation video lessons that you can follow at your own pace.

You will master the whole process of mushroom cultivation, from spores to harvesting your food
and medicine.

Sacred Mycology

What is the Sacred Mycology movement?

Sacred mycology is about creating meaning and purpose in our lives with the help of mushrooms.

It’s about learning to interact and listen to nature’s wisdom within us and around us.

This wisdom has the potential to help us heal and regenerate ourselves and our environment.

Sacred mushrooms can inspire us to find purpose and a deeply meaningful existence while living here on earth.

We envision a global culture that is educated, conscious, and tolerant towards psychedelic medicines and the people who use them.

What others say

About the Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course

Fungi Academy fills a desperately needed void in the education space with a modern, sometimes hilarious, but always informative crash course on home mushroom cultivation.

This course provides the steps and instills confidence in the grower with practical, yet easy to digest information.

10/10, A++ – would Fungi Academy again!”

Mushroom Cultivator & Entrepeneur

“I so wish this course had existed when I first started growing mushrooms!

You no longer have to dig through old forum posts, or piece together information from random corners of the internet.

Fungi Academy lays it all out, step by step, in a fun and engaging way!”

Mushroom Cultivation Teacher & Entrepreneur


From Fungi Academy students

Jake Plummer, Former NFL quarterback

"It was great to learn from the very get-go how easy it is to do this at home!"

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Dr. Oren

"Until I started the course I was failing, now I have yields of 460g!"


"I was immediately hooked, the information is just so well put together, it just grips you. It makes you laugh, it keeps you interested, it makes you want to watch it over and over!"

sacred mycology mastermind course testimonial
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"I think confidence is key. I didn't know where to start, and now I do!"

Mushroom course Alia testimonial
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"I like that it's on my own pace. Everything is broken down so easily!"

Mushroom mastermind Vik testimonial
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"The Fungi Academy Mastermind is an amazing community. It felt like it was truly meant to happen!"


"I think confidence is key. I didn't know where to start, and now I do!"

upgrade your skills

Ancient fungal allies are emerging from underground

Never have we faced such daunting challenges to both our personal and environmental health, yet a remedy exists right beneath
our feet

Learn lifelong tangible skills for resilience and get the tools to:

As sacred mushrooms become less stigmatized we bring you a course with fun, fast-paced, easy-to-follow mushroom
cultivation lessons.

Mushroom Mastermind

Included in the Mushroom Mastermind bundle:

Cultivation Course only

Sacred mushroom cultivation course
$ 297 Or 5 payments of $71
  • Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course
  • Private Mushroom Mastermind Community

Mushroom Mastermind bundle

$ 497
  • Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course
  • Psychedelic Journeywork Course
  • Private Mushroom Mastermind Community
  • 10 Mushroom Masterclasses

**VAT is not included


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, seriously 😊🍄

We do not endorse nor condone the cultivation and use of sacred mushrooms. We are just providing you with the highest quality education on sacred mycology.

There are many places on this planet where laws are flexible when it comes to psychedelic mushrooms. And laws are changing rapidly.

If it’s not yet legal where you live, you can customize your learning experience by starting this training with a (non-psychoactive) mushroom strain of your choice

We will focus on Psilocybe cubensis, the most widely cultivated magic mushroom, in the Sacred mushroom cultivation course.

We understand this is not legally available everywhere. Therefore you can follow the course with edible mushrooms like Oysters or button mushrooms!

This is a step-by-step online video course that you can follow at your own pace.​
Every video lesson, theoretical and practical, is supported by written documentation, sources for additional reading, and some Fungi Academy flair. 😏 You will get access to the complete text at graduation, including many recipes and checklists in a handy PDF bundle. 📚

Mastermind students will also have access to our private online community with fellow students, mycologists, and psychedelic explorers. 🌌
Communal support, like the mycelial network, is the pillar of the Mastermind group. Yet we also host regular live classes with experts, Q&A sessions, and online integration circles.

The course is designed to learn at your own pace. 🙌

The video lessons are prerecorded! We will also record all of the live classes with the Mastermind group so you can watch all of the material whenever it works for you!

The problem with learning on your own is that there is so much information on mushroom cultivation everywhere. Some of it is contradictory, and a lot of it is outdated. Mushroom cultivation in 2020 is easy if you know where to start.

With the right guidance and up-to-date mushroom cultivation methods, it is easy to learn how to grow your very own mushrooms. Edible, medicinal, or psychedelic.

Knowledge and skill go hand in hand in this life-changing practice. The more you cultivate mushrooms, the more you know, the better you get! Mushroom cultivation is a skill that will stay with you for life. It’s a bit like riding a bicycle. Once you learn it, you’ll never forget it. 🚲😉

Absolutely not! 

If you want to become a psychedelic therapist, then you have to go through proper training. This course is not it. And when it comes to becoming “shaman” it’s better to search for people who have a lineage of doing it. Or wear crazy hats.🧙‍♂️

Mushroom cultivation is a fantastic practice that connects you with your food and medicine. It put’s you right into the moment. It’s you, and the mycelium vs. EVERYTHING else. We could almost write the book, ‘Zen and the art of Mushroom Cultivation.’ Maybe we will get to that book when we need a break from making epic online learning experiences. 😏

Not only do we cultivate mushrooms to cultivate ourselves. We are in the middle of a #Shroomboom happening!💥
Get ready for a fungal future!🍄🚀

According to the Global Wellness Trend report 2018, the mushroom industry is booming. Top areas of growth include:

  • Magic mushroom retreats
  • Mushroom microdosing
  • Mushroom infused foods and drinks
  • Foraging and cultivation training
  • Psilocybin therapy
  • Mushroom supplements & Mushrooms for health
  • Specialty & exotic, gourmet mushroom cultivation

Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz
decriminalized city-wide sacred mushrooms, and more extensive changes to sacred mushrooms’ legislation are underway.

Sacred mushrooms are destined to experience the type of growth and transformation that cannabis has enjoyed in the last decade.

Now is the time to get skilled about all things Fungi

Be ready, get skilled, change is coming!🙌

To get spores turned into mushrooms is a process that at least takes 8-10 weeks the first time around! The more you practice, the faster this can get!

You are supported in this process every step of the way with 70+ video lessons, 130+ pages of text, checklists, recipes, and additional reading material!


We do not endorse nor condone the cultivation and use of sacred mushrooms. Especially if it is not yet legal where you live, you can customize your learning experience by starting this training with a (non-psychoactive) mushroom strain of your choice. 

We require our students to be 18 years or older. We reserve the right to suspend any students not of age.

We recognize there is a changing tide in the acceptance of sacred mushrooms. More people seek out psychedelic mushroom experiences to heal themselves, boost their creativity, or have fun. 

Our intention with the Sacred Mushroom cultivation course & the Mastermind is to educate responsible adults about all kinds of mushroom cultivation and psychedelic harm reduction.