Psychedelic Integration Circle – Karena

monthly psychedelic integration circle

September 26th
with Karena Beana

4-5:30pm MT

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Join a community of peers in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free place to share and explore psychedelic experiences.

Our integration circles are for anyone who has used psychedelics for healing and personal growth, and is seeking a place to unpack and process their experience.

Our time together will include an opening and closing meditation practice, time for individual shares, and space for reflections and support. This is not a place to engage in any illegal activity, and those offering or seeking illegal substances will be removed and banned from future events.

Meet Your Facilitators!

Karena has been a health blogger and influencer since she was 16. Her passion for wellness started at a young age when her parents grew ill due to poor lifestyle choices. When Instragram first released she jumped on board and decided to take the influencer route. She focused her time and energy into using this platform to spread positive and informative health and wellness tips that she learned through helping heal her parents from chronic diseases and illnesses.

She turned this passion into a career becoming 200hr+ Yoga Teacher, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in 2016. As medicinal mushrooms became more popular online, she began to incorporate fungi into her practices and teachings, helping demystify and spread the magic of mushrooms

Karena Beana

Queen Psilocybe

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