Psychedelic Integration Circle

monthly psychedelic integration circle

February 27th 3-4:30pm MT
with Maz Alice

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Join a community of peers in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free place to share and explore psychedelic experiences.

Our integration circles are for anyone who has used psychedelics for healing and personal growth, and is seeking a place to unpack and process their experience.

Our time together will include an opening and closing meditation practice, time for individual shares, and space for reflections and support. This is not a place to engage in any illegal activity, and those offering or seeking illegal substances will be removed and banned from future events.

Meet Your Facilitators!

Maz Alice

Enthralled by intelligence of plants, planets and stars; Maz is dedicated to weaving deeper relationships between humans, their souls, the earth and the cosmos.

With a double major in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from the University of Victoria that focused mostly on ethnobotany, Maz was able to see the broader context of how herbalism fits into culture today. Her studies in herbalism truly began with her own healing by giving up on mainstream western-trained allopathic medical doctors and taking matters into her own hands to heal her chronic eczema. After studying restoration ecology, she became committed to the belief that these bodies, like landscapes, are built to regenerate and that it is our birthright to be healthy. Her own formulas have since been cornerstones in her healing. Her healing journey with her skin led her to a holistic understanding of health wherein we must address all layers of the self, not just the body, which is why she offers oracular consultations for those looking for guidance from beyond the physical.

Other than her first hand experience learning from her own body and the landscapes she is constantly immersed in, she has worked with several mentors and has completed the Alchemical Herbalism training through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Maz has also been studying esoteric sciences including, tarot, astrology and ritual technologies for 10+ years and is delighted to have a practice through which to share her gift as a spiritual guide.

Maz Alice

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