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This class will take place on ZOOM.

Join Ahran Lee for Global Majority (aka, BIPOC) Centered Psychedelic Integration Circle! 

Step into a private and empowering space designed specifically for Global Majority identifying folks led by a Global Majority facilitator seeking to navigate and integrate their psychedelic experiences in community. This integration circle is designed to honor and center the unique perspectives, cultures, and journeys within our Global Majority community.

What to Expect:

🍃 Psychedelic Integration Circle: Explore the intersection of consciousness expansion and authentic living. Share your insights and experiences in a supportive environment, guided by experienced facilitators versed in psychedelic integration.

🌀 Authentic Relating Practices: Engage in heart-centered activities designed to foster deep connections within our community. Through exercises and guided conversations, we’ll co-create a space of trust and genuine sharing.

🔗 Community Building: Connect with like-minded folks who share a passion for personal growth, authentic connections, and psychedelic exploration. Build a network of support within the Global Majority community.

This integration circle aims to provide a haven where Global Majority siblings can explore, understand, and integrate their psychedelic encounters without judgment or barriers. Whether you’re seeking guidance, looking to share your experiences, or simply want to connect with like-minded individuals, this integration circle is for you. 

Let’s ride together toward healing, understanding, and growth. See you there, homies!

Meet Your Teacher

Ahran Lee is a 1.5 Korean American multidisciplinary artist, coach, facilitator and speaker playfully existing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She provides customized experiences for BIPOC folks, aka the Global Majority, in a co-created coaching container and also in her local Bay Area communities.

Both her creative and professional work centers community building and supporting Global Majority folks to explore their internalized oppression and reclaim their inherent power and authentic selves. Ahran wants to be the first generation in her lineage who boldly breaks away from unhealthy patterns by creating and occupying space loudly and proudly. Ahran is an energy mover. Ahran is an ancestral pattern shifter.

Ahran Lee

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