Secrets of the Daoist Mushroom Medicine


Join tonic herbalist Mason Taylor as we delve into the ancient linkage of Daoist herbalism and explore the mushrooms that have been revered for millennia within this complete system.

Medicinal mushrooms have taken the world be storm, but in our Western desire for reductionist understanding, we have we left behind the secret wisdom that teaches us how we can truly cultivate longevity, radiance and flow with the support of the mushrooms.

Mason is the founder of SuperFeast, Australia’s most trusted mushroom and Daoist herb company, and in this workshop he will be helping you cultivate and connect to the approach the ancients discovered for dancing with their health journey, free from the excessive constrains and greedy desires of just wanting benefits and results now; we do not objectify and use mushrooms and herbs in that way around here (long term anyway).

Suggested price: $15.00

Suggested price: $15.00

Minimum price: $10.00