Online Psychedelic Integration Circles

September 28th
4-5:30pm MT

Monthly Psychedelic Integration Circles

Join a community of peers in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free place to share and explore psychedelic experiences.

Our integration circles are for anyone who has used psychedelics for healing and personal growth, and is seeking a place to unpack and process their experience.

Our time together will include an opening and closing meditation practice, time for individual shares, and space for reflections and support. This is not a place to engage in any illegal activity, and those offering or seeking illegal substances will be removed and banned from future events.

We will meet on Tuesday 28th for 90 minutes on Zoom. Link provided upon registration!

Attendee Limit: 40

Donation $5-20

Meet your facilitator.

Gabriel DeRita

Gabe is a personal development coach & facilitator helping mission-driven humans live in alignment with their purpose.

He left his tech job to travel the world by bike, and in the process found his calling in coaching. He’s been working with the Fungi Academy leadership team since 2019. 

His approach to personal growth is rooted in neuroscience-based CoActive coaching techniques and Authentic Relating, with a heaping spoonful of Japanese philosophy on top.

Gabe was born in Philadelphia and currently lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He’s passionate about cycling, foraging wild mushrooms, social/climate justice, and the transformative power of psychedelics. You can learn more about Gabe’s work, his story, and connect with him at his site

Meet your facilitator.

Julian Vayne

Since childhood, Julian has been fascinated by magic, mysticism, and altered states of awareness. 

Julian has explored many of the techniques humans have used to access the hidden dimensions of reality. He started group ceremonial practices at age 16 and has worked in ceremonies with practitioners from many traditions. 

In the 1990s, Julian edited Britain’s best-selling pagan newspaper Pagan Voice, and in 2001 he published one of the first books of the modern psychedelic renaissance, Pharmakon: Drugs and the Imagination.

In addition to using traditional sacred substances like Sacred Mushrooms in his practice, Julian’s work includes the first published account of the entheogenic ritual use of ketamine and several novel psychedelics.

Julian is the host of Fungi Academy’s Psychedelic Journeywork Course!