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Discover the magical world of fungi as you learn to cultivate and work with edible, medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms!

Our Mission

Fungi Academy exists to empower and cultivate deeper connections through revealing the magic of fungi.

We connect a global community of mycophiles, creating a space where the growing and sharing of fungal wisdom can flourish.

We believe that by unraveling the mysteries of fungi, learning from them and embracing their transformative power, we can inspire personal growth, deepen our connection with nature, and collectively shape a more harmonious world.

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Who We Are

Fungi Academy is an international collective of passionate earthlings, united by our shared love and belief in the power of fungi. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and cultivating connections through unveiling the magical world of fungi.

Since 2016 we have been dedicated to making mushroom education accessible and easy for everyone and connecting a diverse global community of mycophiles. We are driven by our love of fungi and heart-centered mission to empowers individuals to unlock the transformative potential of fungi to connect deeper with themselves and the natural world.

We hope to spread the mushroom wisdom around the globe and inspire others to take action in their own communities. Together we can cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of these magical beings. As well as foster connections that transcend geographical boundaries and united in a shared mission to create a better future.

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Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course

Psychedelic Journeywork course

Fungal ecology course

mushroom mastermind

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With Darren le Baron
& Jasper Degenaars

Waiting List - Kids Cultivation Course

commercial mushroom cultivation course

Waiting List - Commercial Mushroom Cultivation

ethnomycology course

With Darren le Baron

Waiting List - Ethno Mycology

lion's mane cultivation course

With Myc Tyson

Waiting List - Lion's Mane

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