Fungi Academy: An Introduction to Mycology


Mycological Adventure

View from our garden
Interns working on a biointensive garden bed. Photo by: Jeremy Moore

An idea, like a spore, can travel long distances before it takes hold and begins the journey to becoming a catalyst for change.  The garden I started a year ago turned out to be the best laboratory, classroom, and unexpectedly, a push out of the door into the world of mycology. It was in this spirit that I decided to go on an epic adventure to the deepest lake in Central America, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala.

Sitting high above the bliss village known as San Marcos on the shores of Lago de Atitlan. The lake is surrounded by volcanoes and the life questions of travelers and wanderers. Sometimes called the navel of the planet and the most beautiful lake in the world. Lago Atitlan and a community and learning experiment called the Fungi Academy would become the landscape for my questions and wandering nature.

From Mushroom Garden to Planetary Solutions

Pink oyster mushroom
Volunteers prepare pink and white oyster mushrooms grown at the Fungi Academy. Photo by: Jasmin Forti

Maybe mushrooms growing on logs that I had been using as garden bed walls back home were sparks for a flow of ideas and mind conversations about solutions I was searching for. Solutions to the problems that seem to be spreading throughout the planet and the minds of a few of her most ambitious human inhabitants.

A Loud Yet Subtle Call to the road

Fungi Academy Intensive Mycology Course
The students of the first Intensive Mycology Course

The choice to follow that loud yet subtle call to the road brought me to finding out about the Intensive Mycology course being offered.  This was a chance to spend 6 days immersed in all things fungi, in a community of travelers and “sporriors” living and working together. They learn and spread the awareness of just how endless the potential is for fungi. Both as key and doorway to the sustainable and connected future we all must seek. Now, after taking the course and starting a 3 month internship, as a result the experience has given me a whole new perspective on the world of fungi.  It has also given me a chance to be a part of how a growing and thriving community is a lot like how mushrooms grow and thrive.

A spore, like a great idea, needs the perfect  alignment of timing, circumstance, and intention to grow its roots.  Thus the natural world is the perfect laboratory, the will to grow and thrive is the ultimate intention.

Volvanoes of Lake Atitlan
The view of Lago Atitlan, Guatemala from Fungi Academy. Photo by: Jeremy Moore

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