Psychedelic Journeywork Course

Enrich Your Psychedelic Experience and Life

The Psychedelic Journeywork course aims to educate a culture that’s out of touch with the beneficial use of psychedelic medicine.

The ‘this is your brain on drugs’ age has limited modern western society’s ability to go through its natural right of passage and embrace the healing power of psychedelics.

But right now, you have the power to determine how you and all of us experience the safest, most healing and effective psychedelic journeys.

By the end of this course, you will have accumulated a vast knowledge on the best approaches and practices gleaned from sources as varied as traditional cultural use to the cutting edge discoveries of today’s psychedelic sciences.

Get the skills to heal, grow, and thrive!

With 1400+ students and counting, our reputation for providing people with a fun, engaging, quality educational experience is unquestioned.

Whether you are a psychedelic virgin or a well-traveled psychonaut, with 12+ in-depth video lessons and 70+ pages of text, this psychedelic course has something for everyone, giving you the skills and knowledge to get more out of your psychedelic experiences.

Joining the Fungi Academy helps connect you with experts from the global network of psychonauts and psychedelic change-makers.

And yes, don’t you worry, by the end of our partnered Sacred Mycology Course, you will be able to grow your own sacred mushrooms!

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What you'll learn in the
Psychedelic Journeywork Course...

lesson 1

Why take Sacred Mushrooms?

Learn about the many reasons people seek out the psychedelic experience. Your motivation may be one specific purpose or a blend of several.

Lesson 2

Basic Safety and Contradictions

We want you and your loved ones to be safe. In this lesson we make sure you have the essential knowledge of how to navigate the psychedelic space as safely as possible, as well as any potential contraindications.

lesson 3

Beyond Set & Setting

No matter your intention we believe everyone goes into a sacred mushroom journey with the hopes of it being a safe, healing and beneficial experience. To ensure things go smoothly you should consider a range of factors when preparing for a journey.

lesson 4

Curating the Journey

In this lesson you’ll learn about the different ways to go on a sacred mushroom journey and how to support someone on their own quest.

lesson 5

Guides, Sitters & Solo Journeys

Here you’ll gain an even deeper knowledge of the different approaches when communing with sacred mushrooms, especially the different approaches when supporting someone on their own quest.

lesson 6

Preparation & Navigation

In this lesson of the psychedlic journeywork course you’ll learn why and how the context of your journey often dictates your preparation.

lesson 7

Music & The Sacred Mushroom Journey

Dive into  the relationship between sacred mushroom journework, music and dance. Discover the profound impact they can have on your journey.

lesson 8

Managing Challanges

During a journey some effects may be distressing, such as being overwhelmed by your experience’s intensity or stuck in negative thought patterns. You will gain tools to successfully navigate a challenging experience.

lesson 9

The Art of Coming Down

Mastering the journey is only part of the path. How you integrate the lessons you learn form your experiences is where the real growth occurs. Learn tangible tools for integrating your experience.

lesson 10

Models of the Psychedelic Experience

Learn about the different methods and models for understanding sacred mushrooms and the psychedelic experience, particularly how relates to human biology, life & culture.

lesson 11

The Journey Never Ends

Learn how to continue your path of self-discovery, offer your insights and gifts to the world and craft a more meaningful life for you and humanity as a whole. You may want to start incorporating these skills into your daily life.

Meet your teacher

Julian Vayne

Author, psychonaut, and occultist

Since childhood, Julian has been fascinated by magic, mysticism, and altered states of awareness. 

Julian has explored many of the techniques humans have used to access the hidden dimensions of reality. He started group ceremonial practices at age 16 and has worked in ceremonies with practitioners from many traditions. 

In the 1990s, Julian edited Britain’s best-selling pagan newspaper, Pagan Voice, and in 2001 he published one of the first books of the modern psychedelic renaissance, Pharmakon: Drugs and the Imagination.

In addition to using traditional sacred substances like Sacred Mushrooms in his practice, Julian’s work includes the first published account of the entheogenic ritual use of ketamine and several novel psychedelics.

Julian is the author of numerous books, essays, journals, and articles in both the academic and esoteric press. He sees his work as part of the process to re-imagine an earth-centered, curious, non-dogmatic spirituality. His practice is informed by the approach of chaos magic and lineages within Wicca and Uttarakaula Tantra. 

Julian is a co-organizer of the psychedelic conference Breaking Convention and is a trustee of The Psychedelic Museum Project. As a founding member of the post-prohibition think tank, Julian holds a position on the Journal of Psychedelic Studies’ academic board. A regular speaker at conferences and workshop leader, Julian facilitates psychedelic ceremony and provides one-to-one psychedelic integration sessions and support. 

Julian is the author of the celebrated book Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony.

What You'll Get

A solid foundation of practical Psychedelic skills

Sacred mycology is about creating meaning and purpose in our lives with the help of mushrooms

Sacred Mycology

What is the Sacred Mycology movement?

Sacred mycology is about creating meaning and purpose in our lives with the help of mushrooms.

It’s about learning to interact and listen to nature’s wisdom within us and around us.

This wisdom has the potential to help us heal and regenerate ourselves and our environment.

Sacred mushrooms can inspire us to find purpose and a deeply meaningful existence while living here on earth.

We envision a global culture that is educated, conscious, and tolerant towards psychedelic medicines and the people who use them.

The Past, the Present, the Future

Never have we faced such daunting challenges to both our personal and environmental health, yet a remedy exists right beneath our feet.

If we are going to thrive as a species, we need to realize how to nurture our mother and ourselves.

The understanding that we are all one is the key to a healthy planet and a flourishing future. So plug into the fungal network…. The trees are doing it. 

What others say

About the Psychedelic Journey work Course


“The Fungi Academy’s Psychedelic Journey work course is the most thorough approach to safe and intentional psychedelic use that I’ve seen, and I wrote a whole 200-page book on the subject!

But seriously, their in-depth, unbiased course is everything a newcomer to psychedelics could need and more. I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking to dip their toes in psychedelic waters or those who want to take their practice deeper. 🍄Mush love!”

Author of Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion

Not everyone has access to an elder who can guide them away from the pitfalls and rookie errors, which is why the Psychedelic Journeywork Course by Fungi Academy is such a timely programme. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Based on cutting edge neuroscience, traditional wisdom, and the hard won knowledge that comes from years of personal experience, Julian Vayne takes us through the whole arc of a psychedelic experience, from preparation and dosage, to curating a conducive ambiance, to integration in the days and weeks that follow. Never proscriptive, po-faced or judgmental, Julian nonetheless sets out clear guidelines by which psychedelic exploration can be undertaken safely, whether using micro or mega doses. He is a calm, kind, knowledgable and reassuring guide. I can think of no better.

And it’s not just newbies who can benefit from this training. Experienced trippers can gain valuable insight into how to better their skills as psychonauts, steering themselves and others through these uncharted waters with greater agility. Julian encourages us all to be better trippers, to seek wisdom and understanding, and I found myself taking notes and thinking carefully about how I too can hone my skills.

Well-produced with a plethora of additional resources this sets the benchmark for the psychedelic training manual. As psychedelics become more and more mainstream, we need a diversity of safe ways to partake of these sacraments. The Psychedelic Journey work Course will steer people, new and old, into fresh contexts and settings and thereby a richer dialogue with these most intriguing of experiences.

Author of Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom


From Fungi Academy students

Psychedelic Journeywork Course

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Mushroom Mastermind

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Frequently asked questions

The course is made up out of 12+ video lessons, 70+ pages of text, and additional reading materials!

We have some limited scholarship positions available – email us at to apply!

You know it! On the checkout page you can select the payment plan option

Absolutely not! 

If you want to become a psychedelic therapist, then you have to go through proper training. This course is made for people wanting to get more out of their personal experience. We will cover basic peer-to-peer psychedelic support on how to be the best co-journeyer for your loved ones.

When it comes to becoming “shaman” it’s better to search for people who have a lineage of doing it. Or wear crazy hats.🧙‍♂️


Nah, no need! We want the skills of journeying the realms beyond to be available to everyone, so this course is open to all who want to dive into the wonderful world of Psychedelic Journeywork. We will cover the basics but also make sure that the seasoned Psychonauts won’t leave emptyminded 😉

The course is composed of pre-recorded online videos with an accompanying PDF workbook. You can also access the online discussion forums to interact with other Fungi students.

The course is designed for you to work at your own pace, and you will have lifetime access to all the material!

Yes, students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from Fungi Academy!🎓

This is a step-by-step online video course that you can follow at your own pace.
Every video lesson, is supported by written documentation, sources for additional reading, and some Fungi Academy flair. 😏 You will get access to the complete text at graduation, including many recipes and checklists in a handy PDF bundle. 📚

The course is designed to learn at your own pace. 🙌

The video lessons are prerecorded! We will also record all of the live classes with the Mastermind group so you can watch all of the material whenever it works for you!


We do not endorse nor condone the cultivation and use of sacred mushrooms. Especially if it is not yet legal where you live, you can customize your learning experience by starting this training with a (non-psychoactive) mushroom strain of your choice. 

We require our students to be 18 years or older. We reserve the right to suspend any students not of age.

We recognize there is a changing tide in the acceptance of sacred mushrooms. More people seek out psychedelic mushroom experiences to heal themselves, boost their creativity, or have fun. 

Our intention with the Sacred Mushroom cultivation course & the Mastermind is to educate responsible adults about all kinds of mushroom cultivation and psychedelic harm reduction.

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