Five Psychedelic Books You Need to Read

psychedelic books

Now that you’ve rifled through our 5 Must-Read Mushroom Books (you’ve read them all by now, right?!), it’s time to put on your rainbow-colored glasses and delve into the world of psychedelia. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bookworm looking for a trippy tome or a seasoned psychonaut looking for some fresh perspective on a […]

The Psychedelic Closet: How to Get Out

Talking to family isn’t easy. By habit we tend to politely avoid political, illicit and spiritual topics — of which psychedelics are all three. But what do we gain by hiding our most expansive sides? Instead of shielding your family from your life experience and remaining in the psychedelic closet, consider approaching them the right […]

Fungi Academy: An Introduction to Mycology

Sometimes called the navel of the planet and the most beautiful lake in the world, Lago Atitlan and a community and learning experiment called the Fungi Academy would become the landscape for my questions and wandering nature.

Five principles for community living

This is a guest post from travel bloggers and Fungi Academy volunteers Community is at the heart of Fungi Academy. Here are five key principles that keep us strong, connected, and ready to welcome new members to the fold. 1 Join the community and share Give as much as you take. First and foremost, a […]

A place for transformation, creation and self-development

This Impact Center is a place for introspection and transformation, creating new leaders every day. Reconnecting with our community and ourselves What is it with modern society? The city environment, new technologies, cellphones, and devices meant to make human life easier have separated us so much from each other and nature, from being in the […]

Mad Fungi Scientist Unite!

Guadalajara Mushroom Friends Fungi lovers are sprinkled throughout the world, country to country, state to state, separated by language barriers, cultures, and beliefs. Our mission is to break down the imaginary barriers and connect through the world of mushrooms. The date is November 22, 2016, and 7 of us are adventuring the heart of Guadalajara, […]

Growth spurt on the Magical Fungi bus

Ahhh, here we are, rotating on an axis of planet Earth, a crystal ball that is floating within the expansive yumminess of the galaxy. A world full of life, out of the billions of beings coexisting on the planet and the infinite amount of realities I could be living…it is still blowing my mind that […]

A Day in the Life

Daily life around the Fungi Academy begins, as all days should, with breakfast. Banana porridge and cacao, accompanied by breathtaking views of the San Pedro Volcano, are enough to start any day off well, even if you were woken from slumber by the barking of dogs or the live music from the local churches. After […]